Giant popup storybook puppet show life cycle of water and the indiginous story of TIDDILICK the greedy frog who drank it all

Canberra, ACT, Australia

The life cycle of water and the Story of TIDDALICK the FROG who drank all the water in the world.

Set in central Australia to original music and artistic backdrops, this magic enchanting puppet show uses mechanical toy theatre techniques and interactive comedy to entrance the audience. A show for all the family. Has performed in schools festivals and events around Australia

1. A young girl, is given a very old book from her great, great, great, great, great grandma and for the very first time she gets to tell the story to an audience. She is interrupted by a cheeky magic boy, With the help of the audience they find the great big story book and open it up. The first page pops up to reveal a lush Australian scene, where the girl tells the story of water. The water cycle is introduced through poetry, magic and puppetry. She has told her very first story, the life cycle of water and is about to start her 2nd story when a cockatoo comes out to tell her about life in the outback and they go behind to look for water and go for a swim.
2. The enchanted scene where the audience gets to engage with the book itself as the performers become ‘invisible’ and manipulate various puppets and gadgets. Water and clouds move, insects and animals that live in the outback appear and frolic.

3. Mrs. Emu enters the stage and interacts with the audience. The story teller appears to the audience, they recall all the animals they have seen. Tiddalik appears and causes trouble and confusion for the girl. Which frog is it? Which story? Prince charming or Tiddalik? Once she realizes who he is,Tiddalik starts consuming all the water in the world

4. The second page is revealed showing a desert and a huge frog. One by one the distraught animals with the help of the audience try ways to make Tiddalik give all the water back. Audience members tell jokes, a spider dances on his head, goanna does a funny dance, they all even asking politely but to no avail. Finally by pulling faces, Tiddalik returns the water. A giant blue silk material covers the audience. As the ‘water’ begins to flow the cycle continues, flowers and backdrop transform the last page of the book. Balance has been restored. The book closes with The End written on the back of the closed book.


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