Hot Caravan is a spontaneous gypsy circus, set around a campfire, where musicians play exquisite music for dynamic fire and dance performances. 40 minute stage show with a minimum of 4 performers.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Another sensational production from the irresistable world of Kush Cabaret. Cheeky burlesque, passionate gypsy dance, Parisian tangos and fiery flamenco all combined with skillful fire manipulation to create a unique show which is romantic, sassy and fun.

This show was debuted at the Bellingen Global Carnivale in 2003. Routines include fire in the hands, fire eating trio, fire stick acro-balance, flamenco stick dance, fire club swinging duo, belly dancing and fan dancing. Music played on violin, clarinet, piano accordion, percussion, voice and guitar.

Hot Caravan is a fabulous party and you're all invited! This is a 40 minute stage show with 7 people. A version of the show can be performed with a minimum of a quartet. Also see The Kush Cabaret show listed on this site for a similar show in this genre. Requires space minimum 5 metres/3metres. and PA. DVD available on request.

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