Cyber-Dragon-Queen A living statue Become amazed by this stunning visual show. Ore as a duo with Zazoria, with ore without metal grinding.


Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Cyber-Dragon Queen

Cyber-Dragon Queen is a fantasy creature, a living statue act she interacts with the flow and mood of the audience, combined with different styles of pantomime and ‘silent’ expressions,
A great visual act she can either stay still in one spot ore rove around.

Or meet

Cyber-Dragon-Queen with Zazoria a fantasy character; he has a lot of mysticism about him. He has grace, firmness, and strength as well as insight.
One day during his spontaneous travels he stumbles across to the Queen’s palace, knocks on her door and enters unwelcomed to discover the emotionless Queen. He becomes besotted by her presence and decides to try to wake her up. He grinds at her silver metal heart, with sparking flames to wake her lust for life again. She wakes up from her emotionless state and discovers life and beauty yet again.
This dynamic duo can be presented on stage ore as a roving act, with ore with out metal grinding. 
Fully insured
Performance History

Teresa, originally from Sweden began her acting and circus performance career at the age of 21. As a child she studied theatre and now works as a performance artist.
During the last 12 years Teresa has travelled around Europe and Asia Performing at many different events as well as working as a professional Street performer. Teresa is currently living in Melbourne.
Education: two year course in Swinburne University of technology “Diploma of costume for performance”,
And one year”Diploma of make-up”.
She has performed at festivals, clubs, private functions, corporate events as well as street theatre. She has also studied belly dancing for four years and incorporates this into her shows. Teresa creates her own show concepts, designs and makes her own
Costumes and always has several different shows on the go.
She also works as a professional Make-up Artist, face painter & body art, at various events & festivals.

Teresa has been teaching circus tricks for 10 years. She has taught Belly Dancing for beginners and circus tricks for beginners and intermediate students. She has done private classes, group classes and workshops for adults and children. Her natural
Ability to teach comes form her skills as a professional entertainer.
Listing of past performances
2004-2010      Australia
  • Commonwealth Games State Government Launch, Melbourne Victoria
  • Moomba festival, Melbourne Victoria
  • Fashion parade hair and beauty Association function at Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne Victoria
  • Beyond Blue Federation square function, Melbourne Victoria
  • Allumbra lounge party South Bank, Melbourne Victoria
  • Quicksilver Hawaiian cocktail party, Geelong Victoria

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