A tasty slice of black comedy, where entertainment comes with silver service. Chef's prize dish is on the menu, but it's a little undercooked....

melbourne, VIC, Australia


A tasty slice of black comedy, where  entertainment comes with  silver service.  Chef's prize dish is on the menu, but it's a little  undercooked....

Remove the lid, and the prize dish is still alive. The delectable head on a platter is hungry, but it is attended by a waiter reluctant to feed it. And so the head turns to enlist the help of the audience...

Sharply funny, surreal and interactive, this highly entertaining piece of silent roving theatre will keep audiences surprised, intrigued, and in fits of laughter as the dinner trolley makes its rounds.  Children and adults alike attempt to feed the head, without incurring the wrath of the ever watchful waiter. Think Adams family meets the Royal family; think a la carte meets smorgasbord; think again ..... Perfect to spice up any event, from large outdoor festivals to indoor private functions.

Entrée can also be performed as a static act where there is limited space for roving.

Entrée performances include

Melbourne International Food and Wine Festival

Kleines Fest in Grossen Garten, Germany

World Buskers Festival, Christchurch New Zealand

Sziget Festival , Hungary

Mintfest, and Feast Manchester, Uk

Australian Tourism Expo, Perth

Bright and Sandy Food and Wine Festival, Brighton

"Hilarous, unique  and very quirky, "Entrée" was an instant hit, attracting large audiences wherever they appeared"  Fairbridge Festival, Western Australia

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