The Bogolon roam the earth with their story...... Like shifting sands of time, they stop to play, pose and freeze to the mirage of your imagination. They are mysterious intriguing characters and their play is sure to captivate people of alll ages.

Mt Lawley, Perth, WA, Australia

BOGOLON-The Mud People reflect an ancient tribal connection to spirit and land. It is a cultural play, influenced by African and Aboriginal Legend as well as Modern Australian Society.

At 3metres high these characters meander through your audience like the shifting sands of time, stopping to play, pose, and mould to the mirage of your imagination. Their performance embraces dynamic, flowing and expressive movement, balancing stills and freeze frames.

Like a story book enigma BOGOLON Stilt Walkers are extremely mysterious, bold, dynamic and playfully intriguing. They are thought provoking characters and their play creates an intoxicating pull to any auidence.

BOGOLON can be performed at any event including corporate, private, festivals, public events, exhibitions and also internationally. Recently pefrorming at The Melbourne Arts Centre these Professional Characters are a loved photo spectacular.

BOGOLON Stiltwalkers can also be accompanied by  Bogolon Afo Drummers if available. (Please note on inquiry).

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