China Dolls on Stilts. Beautiful costumes, beautiful dancing, standing 10 foot tall this elegant duo can rove through your event or perform their 8 minute floor show with parasols and fans.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Standing tall the China Dolls are elegant, sweet and beautiful. They are a perfect for your multi-cultural event where you would like to add atmosphere, colour, dance and style. The China Dolls can roam through your event, interacting with the crowd and creating that special atmosphere. Or they can be used for a meet and greet, welcoming your guests to the event and preparing them for a special evening. If that isn’t enough they can also perform their beautiful fan and umbrella dance, to traditional music. The dance takes your breath away as they perform with grace standing 10 foot tall.

The China Dolls have performed at:

  • Woodside Christmas Party
  • Burswood Chinese New year
  • Geisha Chinese New year
  • City of Perth Chinese New year
  • Darebin Kite Festival
  • Manningham City Festival

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