Towering blonde beauties who round up people! Perfect for fairs, festivals and family days.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

The Not so Little Bo Peeps are towering, blonde beauties and if they can't find sheep, they're happy to herd people. By hook or by crook! These fabulous ladies weave their way through a crowd and they'll take any sheep they can get, so beware if you're wild and woolly or on the lamb!! A splendid vision in white, the Not so Little Bo Peeps are comically engaging. So prepare to grin sheepishly and book them before they get the flock out of here!

All our performers are fantastic stilt walkers, and are also highly experienced in comedy and comedy improv. We are interactive with audiences of all ages and are visually and verbally engaging.

For a brilliant white, character based act the Not so Little Bo Peeps are a whole lot of woman! Perfect for corporate events where people need herding, product launches, fairs, agricultural shows, festivals and family days.



"A very professional and well presented entertainment company who were a pleasure to work with. Enjoyed by young and old." Jodi Meadows, Marketing Manager, Pran Central, April 2011

Clever, funny, interactive and engaging entertainment for all ages - kids and adults loved them. A delight to work with - approachable, flexible and very professional. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any venue, council or event organiser.” Camille Sunshine, Discovery Day Committee, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, March 2011

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