Oafish officers who couldn't catch a cold but people love their antics!

Tours nationally, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

The Stilt Police - because no one is above the law! A comedy trio of stilt walkers, our boys in blue will tickle you pink! A completely engaging act, the Stilt Police win people with their humour and banter and leave them laughing like they're on the giggle-water! They steal the scene, sometimes trapping people in their crime scene tape. Forget the long arm of the law, the Stilt Police are all leg!

The Stilt Police are available in two variations; as the London Bobbies or Ye Olde Stilt Police who are Australian through and through. A trio of distinct characters, their hierarchy is made up of the Comissioner, his Sergeant and the probationary Constable who is always in trouble. Comedy character interaction is optimised with a trio of performers, but the act is also available as a duo or solo. All our performers have strong backgrounds in stand up comedy and improvised comedy. This is roving entertainment that keeps people laughing. See how The Stilt Police delight audiences of all ages at your next event.

The Stilt Police are someone you can look up to!

"Thank you so much for being part of our Carnival - your contribution added a priceless amount of fun and intrigue to the day. We have had so much positive feedback from staff and the public about the engaging towering policemen. I know that you put a smile on my face every time I walked by." Natasha Koch, State Library of Victoria, July 2013

"The Stilt Police were such a massive hit, not just with the kids! I still have people telling me how great they were! It was a pleasure working with you!" Larni Pikgrim, EMC Group Geelong, November 2012

“Clever, funny, interactive and engaging entertainment for all ages - kids and adults loved them. A delight to work with - approachable, flexible and very professional. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any venue, council or event organiser.” Camille Sunshine, Discovery Day Committee, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, March 2011


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