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Chocolography is the ultimate addition to any party or event! Our unique technology allows us to capture precious moments and images and reproduce them on chocolate right in front of your eyes. Our experienced Chocolography Team will add fun and excitement to your event, and entertain your guest with a truly memorable experience. Chocolography Live is perfect for parties of all kinds (i.e. corporate, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, Sweet 16). Chocolography live also makes an amazing addition to any tradeshow or corporate event!

Here's how simple it is:

1. Invite your guests to stop by our Chocolography station.

2. We take their pictures with a digital camera.

3. In minutes, completely edible images are magically reproduced on the delicious chocolate product of your choice.

Being introduced for the first time in Australia, Chocolography is the only patented technology in the world that can print directly onto the surface of chocolate without using rice paper or fondue sheets. With our unique technology, we can print high resolution, color images, logos or even individual names of your clients or guests onto chocolate using FDA approved food coloring.

We have a wide array of products at the most competitive prices, ranging from a small chocolate ‘Coin’ and ‘Belgium Truffle’ that can be personalized with the names of your individual guests, to business cards, which can be replicated with your actual business cards or used as Place Cards for the tables to the more lavish products like Signature Truffle Boxes and Chocolate Portraits …the list is endless and their use only limited by your imagination...

We can make one, ten or 1000 pieces to fit your requirenment or budget. All we require from you is a little bit of imagination! So start playing with your imagination and contact us for any further assistance you require to create that truly unique gift with a WOW factor for your next event.

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