From product launches to parties, from a single flood light to a full lighting grid set-up, Ajs lighting hire is happy to help

Myrtle bank, Adelaide, SA, Australia


At Ajs lighting hire, we can tailor a package to suit your needs or you can choose from one of our example packs. Alternatively, you can hire just individual pieces of equipment.

We offer equipment such as smoke machines, Par cans, moving lights, colour changers and mirror balls. We can also supply controllers and dimmer racks.

We specialise in party hire set-ups. We can supply complete packages or single pieces of equipment. An example or a party package includes: a free-standing overhead truss system, a smoke machine, moving lights, colour changers that flah to the beat of the music, coloured flashing lights, strobe lighting, bubble machine and anything else that you require. All of our lighting can be controlled from easy to use controllers that we supply. Alternatively, we can just plug it all in and the light show will run automatically.

We can also supply lighting for theatrical productions**. Again, we have packages available or you can hire your own package. Whether it is just flooding the back wall with colour to reflect the mood of the scene or whether you require us to light from the front aswell, we can make your production have that professional look you've always wanted.

Ajs Lighting hire can also supply show crew. Our crew are trained and experiened and can assist you in the fields of Lighting, Sound, Vision, Stage Managment, Stage Crew, Ushers, Front of House and anywhere we can help. Whatever your event is, Ajs lighting hire will always be happy to help in watever way we can. Just give us a call or send us an email and find out wat we can do for you.

** - due to our company's size, large scale shows are sometimes hard to light. If you are performing your show in a theatre with stock lighting, then we can easily supply lighting crew to help out

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