Creative portrais, Actors Headshots, Folio ahots, Band shots and other photography

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
+61 (3) 9849 6699



Capturing the Essence of You

I have had a love of photography for some time now and since buying myself a camera in 2004, I have since realised that I have quite a talent and passion for taking creative portrait, band and promotional shots.

My motto, ‘Capturing the Essence of You’, means to capture the essence of who each subject is - their inner soul shall we say - and to achieve this I photograph each subject in their home or location of their choice. By doing so, the subjects are able to feel comfortable in their own surroundings, therefore allowing the essence of who they are to truly shine through.

When you have your portrait photographed by me, I am not only giving you something unique and creative that you can share with all of the important people in your life, but I am helping you keep valuable memories alive for years to come.

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