We are a new Photo Restoration Service, we digitalise & restore colour to thundereds of photos at a time.

Kippa Ring, Brisbane, Australia


Everybody knows most photos of 20 plus years in age are quickly losing colour. Digitisation of your photos, not only gives you the option to store on hard drive, CD, DVD or new online safes, but also stops the colour fading away. Apart from your family members, photos are the most valuable (priceless) possessions in your home. We also offer Colour Restoration, which restores your older photos to their original colour vibrancy We are unique business, in that in the past you would be looking at well over $80 for each photo. We can do each photo as cheap as 99c each (when getting five hundred or more done). Our prices start at $99 for 50 photos or $4.95 for each photo for less then 100, now that is cheap. All of our customers haven’t believed it until they’ve seen it done with their own photos. It’s for this reason, plus our great customer service that they are already coming back with more photos.

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