Bored with your Boards?

Logan Village, Brisbane, QLD, Australia



Blackboard Menus, Chalk Art Signs & Feature Boards to suit any business.

Original Artwork. Sealed Smudge Proof. No Reproductions. Custom Designs. Great Prices!

Menu Boards * Specials* Decorative * Replaceable Menu Boards * Product & Wine Lists * Table & Counter Top Boards * Blackboard/Whiteboards * Regular Events * Announcement Boards and more....................

If you've been reluctant to refurbish existing, or introduce new blackboards to your establishment because of cost, please contact me. Together we can achieve a great result within your price range.

My name is Nina Johnson. I have a Diploma in Art, majoring in Illustration. I have worked as a ticket writer and blackboard artist since 1996 and have worked with all mediums for a lot longer. My blackboard artwork is a combination of artist chalk, paint, pencil and oil pastels. Depending on the effect, different combinations of these can be used.

Having been self employed, a business partner and an employee of large and medium companies, I appreciate all aspects of business. I understand the importance of advertising, customer service and budgeting.

Although I enjoy creating any artwork, I relish the challenge of designing pieces that are unique and individual. I believe sign work shouldn't just advertise, but it should entice, create ambience and entertain.

Freighting Nationwide. Overseas enquiries welcome!

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