Whether he is conducting a workshop for a group or speaking in front of hundreds of people at a conference, Keith has an amazing ability to endear himself to an audience, and awaken in people a spark, exciting them about realizing their untapped potential

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
CONFERENCE SPEAKER Keith was awarded the title of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the National Speakers Association, which makes him one of the top 25 speakers in Australia working with some of the `Who's Who' of business. Whether he is conducting a workshop for a group or speaking in front of hundreds of people at a conference, Keith has an amazing ability to endear himself to an audience, and awaken in people a spark, exciting them about realizing their untapped potential.

In fact, this is what Rhonda White, Executive Director of Terry White Group has to say:
"Keith has shown us how to add value to our customers in such a way that it turns them into loyal advocates." Keith's unswerving commitment to achieving results for his clients has seen him become one of Australia's foremost experts in developing customer loyalty strategies.

He has a record second to none when it comes to achieving results and coaching individuals towards their true potential. He has experienced some phenomenal results in his business career - here are some of the highlights.

At age 27, with no experience in the rental industry and a staff of 65, 9 stores and 25,000 customers he took one of Radio Rentals poorly performing areas with a staff turnover of 110% to the #1 Area in Australia in 9 months to achieve his annual budget of 15 Million!!!

Keith Abraham is a best-selling author of practical business books Creating Loyal Profitable Customers and Living Your Passion. He’s also unique, entertaining and an impactful conference speaker who uses every means available to make his message memorable, practical, powerful and thought provoking.

Keith Abraham holds the title of Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers’ Association - acknowledging him as one of world’s top 7% of professional speakers. Time magazine described Keith as Australia’s up and coming inspirational speaker.

Keith Abraham’s easy to implement, proven strategies have a profound effect on audiences. They are sustainable, bottom line enhancing, business building and personal peak performance ideas that make a real difference.

Keith’s presentations are studded with facts, gems of wisdom and amusing anecdotes to ensure every audience member is inspired to take action and execute ideas that will make a positive impact on their lives.

Keith shows individuals and organisations how to maximise their marketing efforts, optimise their existing customer base and capitalise on their current market opportunities. Most importantly, his strategies are proven and have achieved some phenomenal results, as the following examples testify:

• In a three month period working within the retail industry, Keith turned the worst sales area of 65 staff, with 110% staff turnover into the best area in 3 months to achieve their annual budget of $15,000,000.

• He shared one business growth concept with a client that helped them grow from $5 million to $9 million in 12 months and without employing one more person.

• He showed one Financial Planner how to add an additional $500,000 to their bottom line over a 12 month period.

• In one particular Customer Service Call Centre, Keith developed a 6 part sales model that has ensured they are 200% ahead of their annual sales budget and 98% of their 220 staff members are exceeding their targets every single month.

• In just 10 years he built a professional speaking business regarded in the top 4% for revenue and client retention. In recognition, in 2001, he was bestowed the prestigious Nevin Award.

Keith Abraham talks about:
• Conquering change
• Creating loyal customers
• People motivation
• Service selling

Client comments about Keith Abraham:
It was the best investment we have ever made in the 8 conferences we have run. UTAG Travel

Keith's presentations were sharp, witty, and most importantly, relative to critical aspects of our business. SPORTSCO Ltd

It was not just a great feel good presentation, it is producing actual results and changes in our Managers. R.T. Edwards

You had our audience of 1000 small business people captivated. You inspired and challenged our delegates to make real changes. Bakers Delight Holdings Ltd

Keith Abraham is an exceptional speaker who is able to motivate and capture his audiences using a variety of innovative styles and methods. Collins Foods International

Keith challenged us to develop ways of functioning better as a team; of improving the customer service experience and identifying avenues for better communication. Personalised Plates Queensland

Leading Keynote and Workshop Topic

Turning your People's Potential into Reality People Pursuing A Passion centres around keynote speaking, workshop facilitation and business coaching specializing in business growth strategies, client loyalty programs, peak personal development and service selling workshops. Our philosophy is based on growing a company¿s profits by bringing the best out in its most valuable asset, its people. Practical, Easy to Implement Business Strategies That Adds Real Value To Your People And Your Organisation


  • Discover Your Passion, Live Your Dreams and Love Your Life
  • 5 Ways to Work Smarter, Make More $$$ and Love What You Do
  • How to Stop Earning a Living and Create a Life Worth Living
  • How to be Distinct, Rather than Extinct in Today's Business World
  • How to Create Rivers of Referrals from Your Customers
  • How to Go from Product Flogger to Preferred Partner with Your Customers
  • How to turn customer relationships into bottom line business profits
  • 47 Ways to Create Loyal Profitable Customers
  • Moving from Acceptabble Service

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