Kris Cole helps people and organisations perfect their performance. She is a best selling author, corporate trainer, keynote speaker and management consultant.

Adelaide, SA, Australia

With business books in four languages, Kris is recognized internationally as someone who knows what she's talking about. For the past  twenty five years, her training programs, workshops, and key note speeches have given a new depth of understanding and more powerful skills to audiences on five continents. Kris is an Industrial Psychologist and Manufacturing Technologist with a clear grasp of bottom line issues. She helps corporations and individuals maximize their productivity. People learn techniques and gain ideas that work.

“Kris has huge credibility with our people. We all have enormous respect for her”
Ed Cooley, AMP Finance

Use this internet site to learn more about Kris and how she can bring innovative,  practical,  cost effective solutions to your company or conference through her seminars and presentations. Find out about her audio tape on How to Get the Best out of your Staff and order her best selling business books,  interactive training CD-ROM, and interactive training video, Supervision in Action.

“When experience is a crucial factor, I know I can rely on Kris Cole”
Reg Polson, Polson Training Brokers

Kris Cole is the trainer who brings theory to life and the key note speaker who makes high content 'easy listening'.

  • One of Australia's best selling business authors.
  • Corporate Trainer, International Speaker, Accredited Speaking Member of the National Speakers Association of Australia and the International Federation of Speakers.
  • Industrial Psychologist, Manufacturing Technologist and Certified Trainer.

Kris helps people and organisations perfect their performance with state-of-the-art skills and information.  

  • Consults to major public and private sector organisations across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. . 
  • Listed in The International Who's Who of Professionals, Who's Who in Australasia and the Pacific Nations, Global Who's Who of the World, Baron's Who's Who of the World, Marquis Who's Who in the World, and The International Who's Who of Authors.
  • American born, British educated and over 25 years international experience. 
  • Managing Director of Bax Associates Pty. Ltd., established in 1983 to help clients strengthen their most powerful competitive weapon -- their people. 

Always practical and based on the latest research, Kris doesn't just talk theory -- she brings it to life and makes it apply to your people personally.  Her training programs, workshops and key note speeches are specifically designed to meet your company's needs.  They will provide a new depth of understanding and more powerful skills in communication, team building, and managing yourself and others. 

Groups everywhere relate to Kris's easy-to-understand explanations of sophisticated concepts. Using humour, practical ideas, and everyday examples, she highlights the most current trends and best practices from Australia and overseas. She shows people how to apply them to their own work situations in an engaging and informal way. People leave with fresh insights and specific action ideas to achieve results.

“Kris is up-to-the-minute with what's going on in the business world and distils it into clear, effective user-friendly information that works” Wilson Main, Banksia Productions



Always practical and based on the latest thinking and research, Kris  designs  workshops and training programs specifically to meet your company's needs.  You will achieve the results you're after.

Kris has been designing powerful training programs since 1974. She makes learning fun and easy to apply.  She uses a variety of experiential methods to help people learn, develop, and broaden their skill base. Her programs agree noted for their well-designed, step-by-step processes and  their depth of content.  People with different learning styles easily internalise concepts and behaviours to maximise their performance.

  • Introducing and Managing Change
  • The Art and Science of Appraising Performance
  • Time Management for Results
  • Business Writing for Results
  • Managing Conflict
  • Sensational Customer Service

With management books in four languages and over 25 years experience on five continents, Kris Cole is acknowledged internationally as Australia's leading authority on front line management and business communication.

A member of the National Speakers Association of Australia and the International Federation of Public Speakers, Kris is also in demand as a keynote speaker.

Kris supports her easy-to-understand explanations of sophisticated concepts with humour, practical ideas, and everyday examples. In an informal, down-to-earth way, she highlights the most current trends and best practices from around the world.

She shows people practical principles and techniques they can use immediately in their own work situations to improve productivity, enhance teamwork and raise customer loyalty.

Kris produces results every time.  Audiences leave with clear insights and specific action ideas to gain personal and professional success. The result is accelerated business performance.


Delighted clients including Pacific Dunlop, AMP Banking, Seiyu Department Stores (Asia), BHP, Dun and Bradstreet, Mars Foods, Mobil Oil, Commonwealth Department of Defence, Science and Technology Organization, the Australian Tax Office, the RDNS, and Channel 9 are saying:

About Kris Cole
  • Kris is the most informative, motivating, inspirational and interesting presenter I've ever met.
  • Kris is awesome!
  • The way Kris presents material helps me remember the points better.
  • Kris was able to teach me many things I didn't know.
  • Kris captured my attention for the full amount of time! I never switched off once!
About Kris Cole's Keynotes  
  • An excellent presentation and very useful material.
  • A learning experience!
  • Informative and imaginative presentation!
  • Excellent presentation and informative material.
  • I got a lot of great practical ideas to put to immediate use! Thanks!
  • Very informative and well presented. Thank you!
  • Fantastic!
  • Kris drew on a broad body of knowledge and current research to provide great examples of how to apply skills.
  • Kris you were the highlight of our conference!
  • Crystal Clear Communication:
  • This is the most direct, down to earth, and nitty gritty course I've ever attended.
  • This has been a fantastic course ¿ both creative and practical.  It will help me communicate better.
  • I'll never take communication for granted again!
  • I hadn't realised how much of a science effective communication could be!
  • This would have to be the best communication program I have attended!
  • This is the best communication program I've ever done.
  • This program is new and exciting!  It broadened my understanding and knowledge of how to be a better communicator.
  • This training was more involved and went miles further into explaining 'why' and 'what' than any previous training I have undertaken in communication.
  • Even though I have done several other communication courses, this course went further and deeper than any of the others.
  • I hadn't realised there were so many techniques I can use to improve all aspects of my life, both work and personal.  I had underestimated the power of communication.
  • This course has given me great work skills!  I hadn't realised how in-depth a topic communication could be!
  • This training has much more content than any other communication training I've ever had.
  • I hadn't realised the many facets of communication and the number of practical ways a person can develop and improve their skills in this area.
  • This course is more defined and introduced new information than other courses.
  • I have learned many useful techniques which will help me deal with customers and colleagues and every day situations

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