Inspire, Entertain, Inform
with Michael Grose, one of Australia's most popular parenting speakers, authors and columnists.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Michael has entertained and inspired thousands of parents, teachers and professionals with his practical advice and humourous, down-to-earth style. With humour and empathy Michael shares his belief that adults can make a positive and lasting impact on children's lives.

Michael's hot topics include:

  • Devils, darlings and discipline
  • Help! My child is becoming a teenager!
  • How to be a great father (Secret men's business)
  • Developing teamwork in families
  • Raising positive kids
  • Helping children manage change
  • How to work, raise kids and have a life!

Ideal for:

  • Parenting evenings
  • Conferences
  • After dinner training sessions
  • schools and pre schools
  • child care centres
  • workplaces
  • community settings

"Michael's highly professional and human approach underpinned by a commitment to achieve the best for all participants makes him a powerful speaker and presenter"
Helen Wardega, conference organiser,
NSW Department of Education

A very parent-friendly approach. Parents could identify that you had experience the same problems, doubts and fears.
Maree Slattery, Principle, St Martin of Tours Rosanna

Thanks once again for such for such a refreshing and positive evening. I know that we all look forward to your return in the near future.
Stuart Daly, Principle,
Oatlands PS

Devils, darlings and discipline
This presentation focuses on the topic of misbehaviour - how to deal with it, what form it takes and common issues of concern for parents. Michael encourages parents to become positive leaders through modelling and effective use of language.

Help! My child is becoming a Teenager!
This presentation helps parents of 10- 14 year olds understand what adolescence means tor them and their children. It provides parents with the opportunity to reflect on the changes that adolescence brings.

How to work, raise kids and have a life!
An ideal presentation for busy parents who jude a working life with family cornmi-ttments. Michael shares some of his experiences as a working parent and exposes some of the myths about working and parenting.

How to he a great father.
Fathers and fatherhood have hit the news. Suddenly the importance of the place of fathers in children's lives is being recognised.This presentation provides participants with the chance to reflect on their experiences of being fathered and learn how they can take a positive role in children's lives

Developing teamwork in families
Michael shows parents how to be positive leaders and develop cooperation in -their families. With humour and empathy Michael tacks about the problems that face all families and offers workable solutions.

Helping children manage change
An ideal presentation for parents and professionals who wish to assist children manage the many changes that can occur in their lives including starting starting school and transition to secondary school.

Other presentations and workshops by mic hael Grose

How to speak with confidence in front of others
Michaei's acclaimed public speaking workshops for teachers and students (Yr 5 - 1 2) are informative and a huge amount of fun.

How to stay motivated to achieve your goals
Setting goals is easy. Staying motivated for the long-term is a challenge. Michael shows you how to keep focussed and achieve success overcoming obstacles along the way.

Lessons of life learned in the sand-pit.
Managing yourself and others is easy if you remember some of the lessons you learned as a child. way Michael reminds audiences of some of the forgotten lessons learned in the sand-pit.


Work-life balance

How you can work hard, raise fantastic kids and still have a life of your own! Discover the seven keys to successfully raising kids while working forty-five hours plus each week.

Lessons of success learned in the sandpit! Much of what we learned as kids set us up for life. Simple, uncomplicated strategies for personal and business success.

Life your life to the fullest - The Quality of Life Program Discover the five secrets to maintaining a balance between the key areas of your life, and watch your quality of your life soar.

Develop the leadership muscles of your people
Exercise the seven leadership muscles of your people so they can become your company's greatest asset

Develop your child's leadership muscles
This seminar will show parents how to boost their child's personal leadership so they can be more confident, more assertive, able to resist peer pressure, and achieve their full potential.

Raising Happy Kids
This seminar is for parents of children from all ages. It will assist parents to become more positive family leaders and create nurturing and stimulating environments for children.

Devils, Darlings and Discipline
This seminar focuses on the topic of misbehaviour - what forms it takes, how to deal with it and issues of common concern for adults. It will provide a framework for understanding children and give practical strategies for improving children's behaviour.

Raising Teenagers - Wickedl
Learn the seven keys to raising terrific teenagers is to start early, key number two is..-...

Key number one
Seven secrets to raising well-adjusted boys ( and men)
A seminar that will show you how to bring out the best in males in your life!

How to be a fantastic father for your kids
A seminar for any man who wants to be a father that their will kids will boast about

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