Neville is a powerful, informative and entertaining keynote speaker. He has developed a unique understanding of how businesses work through visits to over 50 world best practice organisations.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Blending facts with examples, stories with case studies and ideas with implementation strategies Neville delivers profound messages with a light touch and plenty of humour in a perfectly paced performance.

A Registered Psychologist who has worked as a strategic and business consultant for the past 17 years Neville knows how to package messages that motivate a business audience and which endure long after the conference has concluded.

Neville is a recognised thought leader in business optimization. His first book "The Third Principle - How to get 20% more out of your business" has been acclaimed by both theorists and practitioners and was the AIM "Book of the Month" in October 1999. This book shows that virtually every organisation performs at no more than 80% of their potential. In this book - and in his speeches - Neville describes not only the ways to identify trapped potential but also the techniques needed to remedy sub-optimisation.

In his second book 'Making Strategic Planning Happen' (to be published in July 2001) Neville provides a treasure chest of practical tools and unique models to help managers to get the most out of the future. Neville's third book 'Making Customer Service Happen' (to be published in September 2001) reveals the secrets about what really drives good service, and explains how to increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Neville's speeches deliver practical wisdom based on personal experience gained through over 80 consulting assignments with organisations like David Jones, Bankers Trust, Commonwealth Bank, Department of Defense, Macquarie Bank, NRMA, NSW Premier's Department, NSW Police Service, Smorgons Group and Sydney Water. Neville's winning approach has been further examined through his studies of over 750 organisations.

As a Director in the consulting group of Price Waterhouse for nearly 10 years - and as the manager of "The Lake Group" since 1998 - Neville has worked with people from the top echelon of leading organisations through to front line employees, from astronauts to coal miners and from small to large businesses. Neville has featured in a BBC documentary, spoken on radio, appeared in the press and written many articles.

An Accredited Speaking Member of the National Speakers Association Australia Neville has appeared on the same presentation programme as people like David Norton, Phil Ruthven, Hugh Mackay, Alistair Mant, and Masaaki Imai. Neville has shared his insights at conferences and seminars around the world and has been applauded by over 50,000 people.

Neville understands the value he delivers is not only the keynote experience but also the take away ideas. People are compelled to examine how they gain results, they are given the tools to immediately apply at least three practical ideas and they are inspired to renew their businesses. It is a measure of his success that the insights he shares continue to be applied by all levels of management to make their businesses better, stronger and closer to true optimisation.

. He has developed a unique understanding of how businesses work through visits to over 50 world best practice organisations including British Airways, Citibank, Disneyland, Federal Express, Harrods, Mars, NASA, Ritz-Carlton, Rolls Royce and Shell.

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