Patsy Rowe
Author, Key note speaker, Trainer in Business Etiquette

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Choosing a speaker for your company need not be a puzzle

If you can't decide between

  • a motivator
  • a philosopher
  • a humorist
  • an interactionalist
  • a live wire
  • and a woman

Get them ..... All


Patsy Rowe

Author, Key note speaker, Trainer in Business Etiquette

After building her own home in Sydney when she took on the role of site supervisor, Patsy wrote a light-hearted satire on the building industry, No Sweat, Not to Worry, She'll be Jake. The book became a best seller and was followed by Am I Having Fun Yet? --- the hilarious tale of new step-motherhood. Her next two books Manners for the Millennium and Business Etiquette and You ARE Leaving Tuesday, aren't you? are now available in book stores and by ordering on Patsy's website

Patsy was invited by the Minister of Consumer Affairs to join the Board of the Building Services Corporation where she was the first woman ever appointed to sit as a judge in tribunals, hearing cases against builders who over-charged or refused to complete a contract.

She now travels around Australia speaking at more than 100 corporate engagements each year. She is on Radio 2UE in Sydney and in Brisbane, is a regular guest on the ABC as well as appearing on the Brisbane television show, FAME.

Patsy conducts corporate in-house seminars on Business Etiquette covering topics such as how to 'work a room', initiate small talk, thank a speaker, say a few words through to perfecting dining etiquette. These previously neglected life skills are being seen by corporations today to be able to help participants to cope with social and business situations in a more confident manner.

What to do and how to do it
  • How to develop and improve your conversational skills
  • How to walk into a room projecting confidence
  • How to "mingle with intention" and initiate small talk
  • How to introduce and thank a speaker
  • How to maximise your business contacts
How to overcome your fears with public speaking and learn to deliver a speech with confidence. Learn how to handle introductions smoothly.
Dining Etiquette
  • How to perfect dining etiquette including tips for hosting successful business lunches and boardroom functions
  • How to perfect Japanese and Chinese etiquette
How to know what wines to choose and how to serve them

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