He is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant and he lists some of Australia's top organisations as his clients.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Looking for a motivational and inspirational speaker for your next meeting, seminar or event? Looking for a speaker who can deliver an important message and speak on a broad range of business topics with authority and a vast depth of knowledge?

Peter Thorpe’s experience in business spans over 30 years. This includes a number of senior management positions, including that of General Manager of Sharp Corporation of Australia. He has also created a number of successful business ventures of his own in the fields of importing, retailing, advertising and publishing.

In 1988, he saw an opportunity to capitalise on his extensive knowledge of small business entrepreneurship and he started his own magazine called Australian Small Business Review. The publication was an outstanding success and he was ultimately bought out by a large publishing house.

He is the author of a number of best selling publications on business management and he has motivated thousands of people around Australia through his seminars and workshops. Typical audiences include franchise groups, travel agents, insurance brokers, tradespeople, contractors and professional practitioners — in fact, anybody who operates their own business or is self-employed.

Peter is able to draw on his extensive experience and talk on a wide range of business topics. He combines down-to-earth, practical tips and advice with the right blend of humour and anecdotes to entertain, educate and captivate audiences. Peter is not just a professional speaker who recycles other people's ideas and thoughts. When he is not motivating and inspiring audiences, he is a business advisor and runs his own successful marketing and web development business.

If you are looking for a motivational, professional speaker who 'walks the talk' and can lift your event and inspire your audience to new heights — Peter Thorpe is your man.

Business Topics

Peter Thorpe's experience in business spans over 30 years and he is able to speak with authority and experience on a broad range of business topics. Peter can tailor a presentation that is exactly right for your audience and to stress the points you want to get across or you can select one of his standard sessions.

Here are some of the more popular ones:

Net Profits — How to Market Your Business on the Internet
With some businesses reporting as much as 30 to 50 per cent of their sales coming in via the internet and growing, it's vital that you learn as much as you can about this important new medium. But where do you start? There's so much to learn and so much mis-information.

Successful online marketing isn't just about having a good website. It's no use having a great website if nobody ever visits it. You have to position your business in cyberspace and create a presence on the web. You also need to learn how to market your business through the search engines, using a combination of paid and unpaid listing techniques.

During this action packed session you will learn:

  • How to get to the top of list in the search engines
  • How to get sales worth thousands of dollars at a cost of cents
  • Which search engines you should concentrate on
  • How to get listed for free in major search engines like Google
  • How paid advertising on Google and other search engines works
  • How to position your business and create a presence on the net

Peter Thorpe established his own web development company in 1997 and has helped hundreds of businesses both large and small with their internet marketings. Don't miss hearing one of Australia's leading experts on this topic. It will change the way you do business forever.

Success Secrets for Your Business
Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to go from strength to strength, while others just struggle along or worse still - close the doors not long after they open?

What do the successful people know that the unsuccessful people don’t? Is there really a ‘secret formula’ for starting and running a successful business? Is it management skills, flair, vision, knowledge, leadership ability, persistence or just plain luck?

The truth is, it’s usually a combination of all these things and more. There are no real ‘secrets’ to starting and running a successful business. There are however, lots of ‘tricks of the trade’ and shortcuts to success that will save you a lot of time, money and heartache.

That's what this presentation is all about. You will find out what it takes to lift your business to the next level and start standing out from the crowd. An action packed session filled with ideas and concepts you can put to work in your business immediately.

Marketing — the World's Oldest and Least Understood Profession
Marketing is one of the least understood and most critical elements to running any successful business. People often confuse marketing with sales however, while the two are closely related and one leads to the other, there are very distinct differences.

Marketing is probably one of the least understood and most often neglected elements of running a successful business. What is marketing and how can you use it to grow your business?

Business Planning
While the main reason most people prepare a business plan is to raise finance, your business plan should not just be a tool for raising capital. It should be a blueprint for your business’ future. It is also a great way of checking the overall viability of a new business venture or planning for long term growth and even your ultimate exit or succession.

A well prepared business plan will also add value to your business and help you stay on track.

Advertising and Promotion
How to advertise and promote your wares, is probably one of the most complex problems you will ever have to face in running your own business. It’s not uncommon for business owners to spend a considerable amount of money on an advertising campaign and receive little or no response. Most people in business have done this at some stage.

How to maximise the results from your advertising and promotional dollars and how to get more bang for your buck.

The Sales Challenge
In business, nothing happens until somebody sells something. What makes a good salesperson and how can you become a better one for your business?

One of the most asked questions, in my role as a business adviser over many years, is: “How can I make lots of sales without actually having to sell anything?” Of course, they don’t always frame the question as straight forwardly as that. They usually want to know how they can market and promote their wares with little or no money. Or why their advertising isn’t working as well as it should.

I can sometimes see them visibly cringe when I suggest they get out and call on people or pick up the telephone and talk to some potential clients.

Hiring and Retaining the Right Staff
The greatest resource any business has is its people. Employing the right people is critical to the success of any business. Employing the wrong people can be disastrous and costly. How do you go about hiring the right people and then, retaining them when you do?

Goal Setting
To be successful in business, you need to set goals. You need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and how you are going to achieve it. The major problem with goal setting is, it works in different ways for different people.

A simple and straightforward approach to getting to where you want to go.

Marketing on the Internet
Marketing on the Internet requires a totally different approach to conventional marketing. How can you use this powerful medium to increase your business? What works and what doesn't work and what is the secret of successful Intent marketing?

Customised Presentations
Got a specific subject in mind not listed above or a particular point you want to get across to your group? Why not ask Peter to tailor a presentation specifically around your needs. He has had over 30 years experience in business both at top management level in the corporate world and in starting and running a number of successful business ventures of his own.

What Clients Say

Here are just a few comments from clients Peter has worked with:

"Peter's presentation at our Sales and Marketing conference for the superannuation industry was overwhelmingly well received. The topic of his presentation was "Powerful Advertising on a Small Budget." Feedback from the audience said Peter's information was extremely practical and useful. Hi-lighting effective use of the internet, email advertising and database marketing, many of Peter's ideas were easy to put into practice at very little cost. Peter Thorpe's presentation has really exposed some simple practices that our members can put into action immediately. We have no hesitation in recommending Peter for similar events".

Christopher Page Managing Director
Rainmaker Information

"A very interesting and professional presentation. The content was very relevant to the audience and the audio visuals were excellent. We have had very good feedback."

Greg Smith, Postmix Sales Manager,
Coca Cola

"Thank you for your participation at our Associated Agents conference in Macau. Your workshop was extremely well received and well commented on by all our delegates. The overwhelming comment was that they want more of the same. You may rest assured we will be using your services again."

Peter Watson, General Manager,
Jetset Travel

"Your presentations at the recent series of seminars was excellent. I was particularly impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail."

John Cuthbert, Manager Small Business Banking
Commonwealth Bank

"Your presentation at our annual conference was just what we needed. I particularly liked the audience participation and your use of humour. Well done!"

Peter McDonald, NSW Sales Manager
BHP Building Products

"Your talk at our recent seminar was highly entertaining and full of useful information. Feedback from our members has been excellent."

Lynne Trafford, National Manager
Independent Insurance Brokers Association (NZ) Inc

"Very good presentation, hit the mark perfectly. Also impressed that when the audience showed signs of losing the plot, Peter told a few ideal jokes to get them back on track."

Robert Gunning - Manager
Australian Livestock Transporters Association

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation. It was stimulating and very informative."

Yvonne Anderson, Executive Officer,
Hardware Association of NSW

"Just a note of thanks for your excellent presentation during our recent "Cookie Man" Conference. The subject was presented in a very professional and entertaining manner. We know it positively was of great interest to all our franchisees."

Evelyn Hicks, Executive Director,
Auto-Bake Pty Ltd (Cookie Man)

"We loved your talk at our annual conference. You summed up the situation correctly - the attendees were looking for a mix of sound business advice coupled with humour. This you supplied admirably. If anyone is looking to check out your credentials as a speaker - get them to call me."

Wilson McOrist, Managing Director,
Express Bookkeeping

"Just wanted to thank you for the brilliant presentation you gave at our annual conference. Not only was your presentation highly motivational, informative and entertaining but you were very skilled at involving the audience. The cinema owners certainly had lots of ideas to take away with them. Delegates were impressed by your professionalism, informative and enlightening content and your dynamic style."

Tracey Noonan, Events Coordinator
Cinema Owners Association of Australia

"Thank you for stepping into the breach with only 24 hours notice and filling in for our guest speaker who had to return to the USA unexpectedly. Not only did you fill the gap admirably, many of the guests at our breakfast event said they felt you were better than the overseas guest they had originally come along to hear. I particularly liked the way you interacted with the audience and got them involved."

Janet Borg, Marketing Manager
Dormers Accountants and Business Advisers


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