Wayne Berry is one of the finest sales and negotiating skills trainers in the world today. His ideas, insights and techniques are fast acting and will enable you to achieve immediate results

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

International renowned Author, Speaker and trainer.

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This year, Wayne Berry was awarded the title of certified speaking professional (CSP) by the national speakers in Australia Association, which makes Wayne one of the top 25 speakers in Australia. Wayne will make the next conference or training workshop and ENORMOUS SUCCESS. He is a high energy, high content, “how to” speaker. Every year he presents programmes in 10 or more countries on selling, negotiating, sales management, personal Development, Goal setting and team building. Phone or email for an info pack and demonstration video and to discuss your needs.
What people say
Wayne berry
"Wayne Berry is one of the finest sales and negotiating skills trainers in the world today. His ideas, insights and techniques are fast acting and will enable you to achieve immediate results!
Brian Tracy
USA Speaker and Author of "Advanced Selling Strategies"
"I was proud to be on the same program recently in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with Wayne Berry. More than 10,000 people turned out there, and he is now helping people all over the world achieve their full potential and realise their dreams."
E. James Rohn
USA Speaker and Author of "The Challenge To Succeed"
"After more than 18 years of working with Wayne Berry it's quite clear that he has the ability to help people become winners."
Dr Denis E. Waitley
USA Psychologist, Speaker and Author of "The Psychology of Winning"
"In my role as a business and marketing authority, I meet experts in business from all around the world. One of those experts for whom I have a great deal of respect is Wayne Berry. I know from personal experience that his ideas on selling, negotiating and management work. They get quick results."
Winston Marsh
Marketing Authority, Speaker and Co-Author "How To Motivate, Manager and Market Yourself".
Some of the inspiring success stories from Wayne Berry Clients who have used the Wayne Berry Sales Training System.
"I have just achieved a new individual sales record for our company for one callander month - $99, 229!”
That’s right, $94229 for this calendar month and I have even had a weekend off!!. Today I will break through the 6 figures personally as I have already secured orders for more than $10,000 more, so I’ll finish this month with a person sales record of $110,450. Lifestyle also had its biggest week this week ever in 9 years. Dad (our CEO) is usually happy if I do $55,000!!!! I can credit you for your teachings as being the major thing that has helped the success of this furniture business.
Thanks Wayne.
Mark Mortelliti
Sales Manager - Lifestyle Furniture, Nunawading
"It took 1168 days exactly to get the contract back here where it belongs!"
Howdy Wayne, let me know if anything in the story below reminds you of some of the principles you've taught myself and the team here at Nicholson Media Group over the years.
Nicholson Media Group was successful this year in winning back the valuable contract to produce the Australian Open Program. This was a coup, as a small publishing company like ours with 15 fulltime employees rarely triumphs over the power of Murdoch's News Ltd. However, we are very good at what we do. We understand the product and client like no-one else, and our overall marketing strategy was clearly superior. We also began our plan to get the contract back the very next day after we lost it. In fact it took 1168 days exactly to get the contract back here where it belongs, at the next Tender opportunity.
When we lost the contract and the whole team thought it would be the end of our business, I came into the office very early and put a sign on everyone's desk that said DAY ONE. We then had a meeting where we talked about our disappointment and the fact that we were surrounded by a multitude of other opportunities, which we now had time to look at, but that our campaign to win that contract back had already begun..........and it had.
(Our relentless determination and passion for the event and for our quality publications later led the CEO of the Australian Open, Paul McNamee, to say to me that "....Ultimately you were just unstoppable!")
What I thought might be of interest is not just the above, but the fact that News Ltd had put quarter page ads in the Official Program in the three years they had the contract. This was to attract advertisers with smaller budgets. One of our first moves was to stop these smaller ads, going back to a half page size being the smallest and cheapest option. We also stated to advertisers that due to the prestigious corporate nature of the publication, that artwork for advertising would be rejected if not of the highest standard in design and appropriately prestigious in its presentation of the product. Our sales team talked a great deal about the style of the advertising, and stressed how important it was to the publication's success that advertising clients were a showcase of Australia's top companies. We pointed out that we had produced the publication three years earlier it had won the prestigious Bell Publishing Award for being the Best Annual publication in Australia, and that we were determined to win that award again in 2003, even if we had to risk offending some advertising clients by asking them to re-submit new creative material. We did in fact, have to ask a couple of advertisers to redesign their material.
The final results showed that we increased total advertising revenue over previous years' results and exceeded our ambitious revenue targets. Without the quarter page option, advertisers tended to upsize rather than drop off and new advertisers were satisfied with the sizing options. In fact, we'd done such a good job in talking up the artistic impact of the advertising, we actually sold more full pages than we expected, with many half page advertisers up-sizing and creating clever new tennis-themed artwork. It was a great result and very satisfying for the entire team. I'll let you know if we win the Bell Award next year!
Warmest regards,
Michelle Michie
Managing Director, Nicholson Media Group, South Yarra Vic

"Don't let disappointment from a lost sale lose you the next sale".
Wayne, sales people sometimes forget that you have to accept defeat gracefully and if you do, this can lead to a lot of business from the same customer later on.
Years ago I was selling a large piece of equipment to IBM, it was perfect for their plant in Wangaratta and I had a really good rapport with the guy buying it. I couldn't believe it when he told me he was going to buy a cheaper device from someone else. I had covered everything with him, even quoting the IBM chant back to him that "they aren't the cheapest, but they6 are the best" etc etc. Unfortunately he was unmoved so I just had to say "Well you gave me a good hearing, that's all I can ask for. I respect your decision and hope we can do business in the future".
Six weeks later he rang me. He said the delivery promises from the other company were being broken and that he was cancelling. He now wanted to order from me. Naturally our delivery was ahead of the promised date and we continued to sell them many units thereafter without any price issues ever being raised again. The moral is, don't let the dissappointment of a lost sale cause you to behave in a hard-done by fashion in front of the customer. Be humble and you just may get many orders from that same customer on the rebound from poor service (as long as you keep your promises!)
Best Regards,
Frank Schrever
Managing Director, Pilz Australia "World Leaders in Safe Automation" .
"Persistence yields a standing monthly order for years."
Wayne, I have been in sales, sales training, and a director of a multinational company and have been reading your Wayne Berry Tips reports for several years with interest.
A few years ago having tried to become a major supplier for my wife's glass giftware manufacturing business to a major department store. I nearly gave up having tried for two months to get an appointment with the DM (decision maker) - the general manager who came from their Osaka store.
I had done a complete complementary product range feasibility study at the store in my own time and had interviewed the financial controller, the GM's assistants and associated giftware department staff. Everyone was impressed - I only required the blessing from the GM to launch this new range into the store. After weeks of being unable to secure an appointment, I found out his home address in North Balwyn, Melbourne. On one Sunday evening after tea, I took with my daughter who was seven at the time (to soften my approach) and rung his front door bell. My body language was "un-intimidating" for example, I stood sideways as opposed to front on. To cut a long story short, I briefly introduced myself (but he already knew who I was from my accent and many voice mail messages he had received previously). He invited us in and after a friendly saki I said I did not intend to engage his personal time but came with the intent of securing an appointment with him, being the DM. He suggested I talk to Sharon his product selection officer and I proceeded to tell him she had already seen the range and said I needed the GM's approval for a range listing. He said how about 10am Tuesday.
I arrived 45 minutes before and set up and brought too table cloths props etc. When the receptionist called him for the 10am appointment I presented him with a powerpoint depicting where the product range would fill the gap he/they had in their range and comparing it to the current products in that area and gave him a hard copy on a spreadsheet. His mouth was agape - he was truly impressed with the thoroughness and detail I had gone to and called in his assistants, all of whom said to him that they knew me and had spoken previously about the range.
Within minutes thereafter I had been given a supplier number and received an opening order of $45,000. Until this store closed in Melbourne and the Gold Coast closed in Australia, we received a monthly standing order by fax.
Furthermore, I became a good personal friend of the GM and was regularly invited to join him and two of his Japanese friends for a round of golf on Saturday.
Kind regards
Paul Epstein, Warrandyte.
"Structure in a sales persons day is what is needed."
Wayne, my name is Glen Sharp and I am the General Manager of Reef City Ford in Emerald Queensland. The dealership sell approx 45 cars per month which is New and Used. I have been with the Reef City Ford Group for 10 years and started as F & I. I have approx 28 staff in the branch and 4 sales staff 2 new and 2 used and a Sales Business Manager so this will give you a rough idea on the size of the business etc.
My success story is not so much a single story but an idea I had with sales staff when they are either starting or when the are going through a quiet or tuff patch as they all seem to do each year.
Though not good English, "quiet breeds quietness and busy breeds busy". All my sales staff have to do the 10 + 10 + 10 rule each day of the 5 day working week, (give them a break Saturday). It takes 3 weeks to get started but once the 3 weeks are up and the momentum is going, they have to talk to 10 people each day either show room visitors or people on the phone who are looking to buy a car. If they do not talk to 10 people and say they have only spoken to 5, they have to either make 5 prospecting phone calls, or send 5 letters out to potential clients. Then they must follow up 10 people they have spoken to, either prospects or the people they sent the letters to, or old clients, but this must also equal 10. The third 10 is they must follow up 10 people who they gave quotes to in the past. 10 + 10 + 10..
This will not produce the best sales person in the world and it never has for me but what it has done is produced for me consistent performing sales people, month in month out and this has been successful now for 2 years. Structure in a sales persons day is what is needed.
The only other thing I do is that I give them quiet time once a month at the beginning of the month to pat themselves on the back for the result they had last month. Normally I tell them they can have the first day of the month to tell themselves what a great result they had in the previous month, instead of the first week as I notice some sales people like to.
Have a great day and I appreciate your regular emails
Glen Sharp
General Manager, Reef City Ford

"It's not a sale until the money is in the bank! "
I operate newspapers and produce TV programs across Australia, all of which include paid-advertising. It was that first word - 'paid' - that was causing problems for myself. Just like every other media business, I had to wait an average 55 days to be paid by advertisers, who usually put the advertising and printed invoices at the bottom of the bottom drawer.
I created a sales solution to a collections problem. Instead of traditional invoices and a '30 day' mentality, it was time for a new thinking ... by the clients and the seller!
I thought, at first, that the solution might be embarrassing to myself. No-one in media had done this before, but I held my breath and tried it anyway. In November 1999, I added the 17 most-important words at the end of EVERY sale:
"Now, how would you PREFER to pay for that: cheque or credit card? What suits you better?"
If a client answers "cheque", the reply is: "Your cheque is fine with us. We have couriers zipping around tomorrow, may they call and pick-up a cheque then?"
If the client answers "credit card", the reply is: "OK. With your permission, we might process those details now, and I'll give you a receipt number at the same time."
If the client dodges and weaves, in most cases you were never going to get paid anyway. If an explanation is needed, it can be simply said "Our company has a very strict policy. Because I've discounted it from $ X to $ Y, they organise payment prior to publication."
People are happy to trade a concession for a concession. Ensure a Tax Invoice and Confirmation Letter is faxed to the client immediately. Allow a factor of perhaps up to 10 per cent for late pick-ups ... but in most cases you will have your money next day. That saves you collection time and resources - and extra time to sell even more.
But be sure to add a little unexpected extra for your client. This will ensure the sale the next time!
Ash Long
Editor of the Melbourne Observer newspaper, and producer of The Sydney Report/The Brisbane Report TV programs.
Wayne how about this WIN from our Qld branch.
This is an excellent example of where good (Wayne Berry) selling skills combined with determination and a good product can be a real winner.
One of our Sales Engineers in Brisbane has just picked up an order against a major competitor for a small screw compressor. Our guy took the approach of selling on the products features and benefits whilst our competitor took their typical approach of selling on price. We won the order for a 15kW compressor, model SOC15, at a price of $9,500. Our competitor offered their 18.5kW package for $8,100. Our sales Engineer offered to walk away if the client was going to buy on price. He held his ground and sold the package on its merits. We won and the client won.
Any monkey can sell on price. It takes skill to win an order for a smaller compressor at a 17% price premium.
Mark Ferguson
National Sales Manager, Champion Compressors Ltd.
"I've moved into the top 20% of sales people within my company"
I have been in sales for the past 7 years within the telecommunication and information technology industry groups with fairly average performance. Earlier this year I attended one of Wayne Berry's WAYNE BERRY Sales Mastery Workshops on cold calling. I was never any good at cold calling so I decided to brush up on my skills and attend the workshop. I was impressed with the way the information was presented and the quality of the material, so I decided with my investment of $180 I would make it worth while and put these ideas into practice the next day.
The following day I sat down with sweaty palms and picked up the receiver and started to make the 10 cold calls. I was absolutely "gob-smacked" to actually discover these tools really worked. I had made 3 calls and secured 3 appointments! The end result was an overly excited salesman bouncing off the ceiling (figuratively speaking) with 6 appointments from a total of 10 cold calls, not a bad change in ratio going from 1 in 14 (7%) to 6 in 10 (60%)!
Well that was 10 months ago. From one of those original phone calls I ended up securing a contract for the company worth $306,000. The personal return on my original investment in doing that Wayne Berry programme was 3,888%!
Armed with these statistics, I now know each cold call is worth $412 to me regardless of whether I get the appointment or not! I often ask myself if I have the time to make another $4,100 this afternoon or shall I go home early?
What this has meant to me personally is that I am now working smarter instead of harder which has given me more time to do what I want to do. I have also been able to make more sales in less time which means more commission for me along with a better attitude and outlook on life.
Since then I have attended Wayne Berry's WAYNE BERRY Sales Bootcamp and invested heavily in Wayne¹s audio learning programmes with noticeable improvements in my sales and general life success. For the first time I have now moved into the top 20% of sales people within my company and am looking forward to exceeding my annual target this year.
Bradley Moore
Business Development Manager. Panaseer a division of Jtec Pty.
"Negotiating saves $3,600!"
Hi Wayne, I have attended one of your seminars related to sales and I enjoyed it. Your tips related to negotiation are quite true, and I will describe an event that happened to me last Friday, that illustrated how to save $$$ in negotiation.
Due to my wife's pressure in getting a bigger car, I decided to buy a brand new model and trade-in my old one. The first dealer I visited wasn't prepared to negotiate at all. The sales rep was quite keen, but their sales manager was far too greedy and it was a case of take or leave. So I left.
So I went to another dealer. The price for the brand new model was $20,000 as per the first dealer visit and my second-hand car was valued by myself to be around $7,000. The dealer valued my second-hand car at $4,000.
My offer was $20,000 - $7,000 = $13,000
Their offer was $21,000 - $4,000 = $17,000
In reality I paid A$5,500 for this car 6 months earlier buying it privately. This second dealer came with a story that the price for a hatch back version was $21,000 and the sedan $20,000. Since my wife preferred the sedan, I didn't make a fuss in taking this model, BUT I made sure that I was sacrificing my preference and willing to buy a product that was not my preferred option. The difference now was my offer $13,000 and their offer $16,000.
So it was now up to dealer to make a compromise.
Telling me that they would be out of business, the rep decide to call the sales manager. The sales manager came and again start saying this and that, and I kept quiet on purpose, more they talked, more they start bringing the price down.
I did not say a word (to be honest it was quite hard to keep my mouth shut!!), and the sales manager eventually said $14,000. I said it is not good enough, I would rather sell the car privately and get $7,000 and pay in cash, so it would be a better deal for both of us. They did not want me to leave, so they decided to call the general manager, and I told him I want to pay $13,000. The general manager went outside to have a look on my second-hand car and came back and start talking this and that.
I kept quiet, and when he said my car did not have air conditioning, I said the winter is coming, who needs it.
He said my car is manual, I said for maintenance costs, a manual car is far more attractive. He said my car did not have power steering, I said who needs for a small car.
He said, OK give me $13.4K.
I said, if I take out the metallic paint how much extra I will save. He said, C'mon and I shake his hand, deal done!!!
To be honest, I was prepared to pay $20K - $5.5K = $14.5K. Since I paid $13.4K, I just saved $1.1K for "just keeping my mouth shut".
Lesson learned: During certain negotiations, let the seller or buyer do all the talking and he/she may end up bringing the price down too easily. If you talk too much, you may end-up giving it away far too easy. You have also to handle the objections, so he feels that he is getting a good deal.
I guess at the end of the day, the dealer had a good deal, otherwise he would not sell. But getting an extra $1,100 for keeping my mouth shut was worth, but not easy!!!!
Thanks again and have a nice day.
Trajano Roberto
amstras, eBusiness, marketing & automation.
Inspiration Helps
Wayne, my name is Paul, I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne and have been in direct selling for more than 18 months. In this time I managed to open my own company, which was based on door to door selling of alarm systems.
With the recent collapse of the ADT dealership program (I don't know if you are to familiar with this) I was faced with a lot of hardship and negativity from friends and family, my only true friend and partner who has stood by me is my wife who has worked with me day and night to keep our business running.
I felt like I had been left for dead, with bills mounting up, phones 1 week away from being cut off. Through the support I have received from my partner, we decided to keep fighting for what we believe in, now we are on the road to a slow but sure recovery. At this point I would like to say THANK-YOU. After reading your book recently and hearing some of your stories (second hand through a friend) I decided life's ups and downs had some great lessons to learn. At this point I cannot afford to buy your books or cd's, I can't even afford to subscribe to your newsletter, although when I can, I will.
You might be interested to know that my background was not in sales, for 13 years I was driving trucks interstate, I then decided that at 32 years of age I needed to change my life while I still had one. Once I can get over my fear of public speaking I'm sure I will have some great stories to tell, possibly even write my own book, until then I will just focus on our future endeavours.
Kind Regards
Pamavic Securitites Pty Ltd.

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