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Sydney, NSW, Australia

John is a motivating and entertaining speaker with a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience in the fields of marketing, motivation, leadership and business and sales.

Founding Director of Brown & Hatton meat distribution company and responsible for the creation of the Pork & Bacon Marketing Council, John Brown was a self made businessman before entering the government in 1983.  Transforming the Tourism Industry into a major economic force, he was also instrumental in the revolution of funding of sport in Australia.

Brief History

  • Chairman of The Employers Association for five years.
  • Appointed to Ministry in 1983  - Minister for Administrative Services, Minister for Defence Support, Assistant Minister for Business & Technology, Minister for the Environment, Arts and the Territories and for the entire period as Minister for Sport and Tourism.
  • Awarded the Australian Institute of Marketing Gold Award.
  • Established the Australian Tourism Awards.
  • Responsible for initiatives such as the Sports Aid Foundation, the Institute of Sport in Canberra, Parramatta Stadium, Homebush Sports Centre and the WACA in Perth.
  • Received the Olympic Silver Order of Merit, made Honouree of the US Academy of Sport.
  • Named "Australian of the Year" in 1986 by Australian newspapers. 
  • The John Brown Foundation (now known as the Sport & Tourism Youth Foundation) was established in 1988.

·       In October 1989, John launched The Tourism Task Force Ltd and was later honoured with an Order of Australia award in June 1993 for his service to Sport, Tourism and the Australian Parliament.



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