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Corporate Team Building through Interactive Drum Circles.

Sydney & Melbourne, VIC, Australia

With the experience of over 2000 events in 19 countries and having serviced over 130 of the top 400 companies in the world, Drum Circle Events' Interactive Drum Circle has proven itself to be a truly dynamic, powerful and professional corporate team building activity nationwide! Before your group arrives we set out on each individual chair, a hand carved African Djembe drum.

As guests enter the room, our team of professional musicians kick off with exhilarating rhythms and the pulse begins… guests pick up their drums in order to sit down and are soon tapping away. From here our Facilitator orchestrates the group through a series of completely non-verbal instructions. A unique and dynamic synergy is brought into the room and in almost no time the delegates are transformed into one unified musical ensemble.

Lessons in technique and rhythm entrainment see the group grow and become musically empowered; soon participants are not only drumming, but playing hand percussion, singing and laughing together… even cheering appreciation of each other’s dancing skills! 

 The experience includes:

Transportation of drums

Setting up and Layout of Drums on Chairs

Up to six Musicians including:

Facilitator, Master Drummer, Doun Player, Doun Doun Player, Rhythm Keeper, Saxophonist
(Based on participant group size)

Up to 60 minutes of interactive drumming

A Selection of percussion instruments

Groove Tube Session
(Depending on participant group size)

A truly unique, dynamic and memorable experience!

We service events nationally; whether it be 20, 200 or 2000, groups of virtually any number can be catered for. Depending on your group size, a team of four to six musicians attend a session. Get in touch with Drum Circle Events today!

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