The Red Carpet Theatre Companys fresh new play! New written work! Be one of the first to see RCTC brand spanking new Theatre production. Coming soon to Newtown Theatre!

Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Australia
02 8507 3034


This new theatre production by The Red Carpet Theatre Company is its second play under director and founder Sarah Vickery. RCTC commit to bring theatre that challenges the status quo, to make a difference and to do it with passion, integrity, and innovation. If you want to be entertained with a difference come and enjoy!!

STANDING IN FOOTSTEPS is the title of the up and coming brand new work! This is a story about two friends who both have grown up with family issues that affect their adult lives. Jaimee deals with the pain of her childhood by abusing drugs and being in an un healthy relationship with her drug dealing boyfriend Nick. Tess is Jaimees best friend who unlike Jaimee is a straight hardworking uni student who is meticulous at ensuring her life is manageable and running smoothly. Her father whom she calls Jack has never really known how to raise her. something to grasp onto. Tess the good girl friend continually saves Jaimee form her drunken episodes and ensuring she is safe. Due to this Tess has never really had time or been noticed by the opposite sex. Until Ben moves in across the hall. She finds herself falling for him and him for her, but in her involvement with him she finds herself going down a path she never thought she would go. This is a story about friendship, forgiveness, strength and awareness. This Play is supporting the cause of ASCA (adults surviving child abuse)

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