You will feel that you are at the Munich Oktober fest as the Continental Show Band sets the mood.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

With Bavarian costumes & traditional music. Yodeling & sing-alongs, waltzes that will have the crowd joining arms and swaying with the music. Fast polkas, vibrant marches, traditional slap dance, chicken and hat dances are always crowd  pleasers.

Kick up your heels by joining the fun crowd in the Conga Line.

With plenty of fest beer, great traditional Oktoberfest fare & competitions.  There is fun for all ages.

 The Continental Show Band, always the main headliner for many Oktober and Beerfests. From Brisbane Expo’s to five years at the Miami Fest House also featured at the German Clubs Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast & Exhibition grounds entertaining enormous crowds. Also featured at Gold Coast Dream World  .Movie World & Sea World.

Follow the conga line with the Continental show band

The stars of the show are Rudy Goldbach & Steve Caines.

 Rudy: popular cabaret, recording & T.V artist. With his rich vocals singing all the traditional favorites, as well as playing key boards & piano accordian.

Steve Caines is a cabaret & floor show entertainer, on flugle horn .trumpet & trombone. Keeps the sound

exciting and the audience involved.

So join the fun of the Continental Show Band and get into the spirit of the Oktoberfest.

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