People have compared her to Alanis Morisette, Tori Amos, Janis Joplin, the late Kirsty MacColl, and even...`PJ Harvey on Quaaludes"!

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Seraya Young
People have compared her to Alanis Morisette, Tori Amos, Janis Joplin, the late Kirsty MacColl, and even...`PJ Harvey on Quaaludes"!
Music style: Best left alone when it comes to pigeonholing Seraya’s musical style has no apparent audible boundaries. Amongst her skilful marriage of genres, listeners are treated to a whole lot of soul, passion and fun. Sitting just as comfortably inside a belting rock number as she does within a moody Tori Amos-esque piece, Seraya feels her music is very much an organic and spontaneous thing with little thought for categories.
Born in South Africa to musical parents and a family of six, Brisbane singer/songwriter Seraya Young was pre-destined for a career in the arts. She says her father cells stories or parking a MILK cm rive 110m of the local town hall and playing on the back, luring kids out into the streets to dance. Some of her fondest memories are of lounge room jam sessions at home. It's no wonder she was, by the age of 5, discovered balancing on tippy toes to simultaneously reach the pedals and keypads of the family organ to try and nut out a tune. Eventually her family coaxed the shy child to make her first public performance with the promise of a brand new puppy for her bravery.
Thus was the start of a keen passion for all things creative.
Studying a Bachelor of Business in Accounting & Information Systems after her secondary education, she qualified for a `real job', working for a number of years in this field. The call for artistic endeavors soon got the better of her however, and in 1997, Seraya decided to pursue a burning lifelong passion for music as a full time career.
…her take on what she does: Inspiration is plentiful for Seraya, who believes, "We are influenced in one way or another by everything that we ever hear". Enjoying styles from classical through to R&B, funk, folk, world, rock and pop, Seraya doesn't really pinpoint any specific artist as a favourite. For her, all music is an emotional experience, and if an artist/band can achieve that, their work impacts.
…what’s she been up to: Her successes so far have included: Independent release of her self titled EP, and debut album “The Prodigal Daughter” Songs featured on Austereo’s Hot 30,(Jackie O and Kyle), Fox FM, MP3 (Selected by Molly Meldrum), Frank Grima’s Mojo Music show USA, All India Radio. Finalist in QRA Sunnie Awards, MusicOz and River 949 Untapped competitions. Has performed in many venues across Australia and overseas including Manchester Lane, First Floor, The Healer, The Zoo. Her tour of India included national radio, TV and Press.  
Since her acting role in the docu-drama “Voyage of the Courtesans” released in the UK, US and Australia (2006), Seraya was offered a role in the 3 part follow up series with shooting to commence in April 2007.
What’s she doing now? Recently co-wrote and recorded album “Inhabited” (with Elio Galle and Matt Hogan)
due for release in Australia and Europe later in the year.

Performed as part of the Commonwealth Games Cultural Program 2006.

Recorded a single in Calcutta with boys from the Muktaneer Home for Destitute Children. CD/DVD due for release June 2007.
Currently writing for her second album, co-writing and licensing

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