Tim Gratton has formed his team of bodypainters who are focused on making history. Body painting is the oldest artform and is currently the fastest growing artform in the world.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

In order to realise this goal: Tim is setting about to achieve world recognition of Body painting, which is the oldest art form.  At the Australian Museum, College Street, Sydney on June 11, 2002 an audience of both scientists and members of the public were able to be the judge’s. At present body painting is taught in make up colleges and in special classes. However it is not taught in art colleges or taught in tertiary education establishments.

It is however the fastest growing art form in the world. Since earliest man painted their bodies before hunting, body art has existed. A number of anthropologists are excited by the opportunity to be part of this history in the making. There are anthropologists who are willing to contribute their views/outcomes in order to substantiate the claim that body art is the oldest artform.

Channel 9’s, Today program covered this exhibition/performance exclusively.

Key elements of the exhibition included:

  • A world first where a body painting performance will be presented in a National Museum to an audience
  • Recognition of body art as an art form
  • To inform the viewers about body painting and its significance in our society today.
  • The target market is art lovers, art historians, anthropologists and the general public.


The objectives of Tim Gratton and his Team are as follows:

  • professionally showcase the art of bodypainting, the oldest living artform.
  • nurture and support Australian artistic talent.
  • promote an immediate and interactive art form.
  • present Australian artistic, cultural and creative talent to a worldwide audience.
  • partner relevant organisations.

Twice World Bodypainting Champion, Tim Gratton, founded the Australian Bodypainting Team in late 2000. Established body paint artists are invited to join the team with the aim of show casing their diverse creative talents to a worldwide audience. Members include world, national and state champions, all are published artists and professionals from the Arts, Film and Make-up industries.

The artists create designs on living bodies combining the immediacy of modern performance art with the more classical skills of the painter.

Each Australian Bodypainting Team member draws on a variety of inspirations, bringing together diverse and contrasting styles, ranging from Impressionist, to hyperrealist and all are spectacular.  As bodypainting paint sales suggest, Bodypainting is the fastest growing art form in the world at the moment.

  • Tim Gratton has won the World Bodypainting Championships twice in 1995 (Rio De Janeiro) and 1997 (London).
  • Tim and the Team attended the CIDESCO International Bodypainting Competition (Hong Kong) in March 2001, winning all the major prizes. The event attracted worldwide coverage on CNN as well as local media.
  • Tim Gratton was the inspiration for the Demi Moore for the cover shoot for Vanity Fair photographed by Annie Leibovitz.
  • Tim Gratton has developed a range of bodypaint in Australia that is distributed worldwide.
  • A 52 minute documentary ‘The Art of Body Painting by Tim Gratton’ has been completed.
  •  Second documentary is in pre-production and will feature the team working with Australian Aboriginals in Arnhem Land.
  • Bodypainting by the team was featured recently during coverage of Rugby League (Souths v Parramatta) on Fox Sports, 2002.
  • The team often donate their time and skill for charity fundraising events to assist organisations such as the Sydney Children’s Hospital, the Garvan Institute, the Ted Noffs Foundation and Westmead Hospital, Children’s Burns Unit.
  • The team featured new and unique fluorescent bodypaint at ‘Oranjefeest 2002 – the Dutch Queen’s Birthday party in Darling Harbour, Sydney.
  • A book featuring the work of Tim Gratton is under negotiation with a major publisher. 
  • Tim Gratton and the team July – September, 2002. European tour. At the European Bodypainting Festival and Championships, trophies were won. Tim and the team were featured in numerous television, print media articles and radio interviews.


All artists of the Australian Bodypainting Team are qualified make-up artists, and some have formal art training.  Tim Gratton has established the world governing body to regulate and teach the art of bodypainting.
Tim Gratton born Rochdale, Lancashire, in the U.K.
Tim has pursued a career in the pursuit of art; his interest in bodypainting came about through circumstance rather than being sought by him. However he has achieved success both as a bodypainter and a painter of canvasses.
His background is as follows:
  • Twelve years active service with the Royal Navy.
  •  Relocated to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands to study painting, were he lived for eight years.
  •  One year study at The Bath Academy of Fine Arts in the U.K.
  •  1991, He discovered the art of Bodypainting by accident at a friends party in Amsterdam, from which he developed it into the Art you see today.
  • Twice awarded the World Championships the first time in 1995, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and again in 1997 in London.
  • Tim has now launched his own brand of bodypaint, in Australia, which carries his name and is sold worldwide.
  • 2000, produced documentary titled ‘The Art of Body Painting which is now being distributed worldwide, with much success.
  • At the moment a book deal is being negotiated with a major publisher, which will be distributed worldwide.
  • 2001, Tim as the Director, took the Australian Bodypainting Team to Hong Kong for the CIDESCO international competition, were they promptly won major awards.
  • He is now in the process of forming a World Governing Body to regulate and teach the art form.


  • 1990 First one-man show at the Tranquillo gallery in Amsterdam.
  • 1991 First major Exhibition and the first Western Artist to exhibit in the Eastern block at Sarospatak in Hungary.
  • 1992 One man show at the Bath Fringe Festival.
  • 1993 One man show at Body Jazz Rochdale Manchester U.K.
  • 1993 A return to Hungary to be presented to HRH Prince Charles Prince of Wales and an exhibition sponsored by UNICEF in Satoraljaujhely.
  • All these were exhibitions of landscape and abstract works in oil.
  • As the interest in Bodypainting grew, especially with the appearance of Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair his career took a sudden surge upwards, and his service within the media became somewhat great.
  •  Travelling around the world appearing in major publications and for T.V.
He has appeared on the following shows:
  • The Big Breakfast (U.K.)
  • Whale On (U.K.)
  • Kilroy (U.K.)
  • Granada Tonight (U.K.)
  • Good Morning New Zealand
  • The Paul Holmes Show (N.Z.)
  • Howard Stern (USA)
  • Vox (Holland)
  •  RTL (Germany)
  •  Zemplen TV (Hungary)
  • The Midday Show with Kerry Anne (Aus)
  •  In Melbourne Tonight (Aus)
  •  Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton
  •  The Footy Show (Aus)
  • M.T.V. (Worldwide)
  •  Total Sport (Channel 10)
  • Love Rules (Aus)
  • Footy Show AFL
  • Foxsports
  • Channel 9 – Today
  • Optus 7 Soccer Show
  • Channel V.
  •  CNN.
  • HKTV. Hong Kong
  • All the major news programs in Australia and Europe including numerous radio interviews both national and local. Having appeared in all the British National Newspapers, many European publications, Australian and countless Local Editions listed are just a few of the easily recognisable names;
  •  BLIK ( Hungary & Germany)
  • Telegraf (Netherlands)
  • High Society (U.S.A.)
  •  Total Sport Monthly
  • Cleo
  •  Looks
  • People
  • MAX
  • Scoop
  • Ralph, and many others…

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