The adorable Stephanie Minx and mock film crew paparazzi!Now available in Melbourne as well as Sydney due to popular demand

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

What do News Crew do?!!!

News Crew are a comic and interactive duo that impersonate an American News Crew. In the style of reporting television shows such as ‘Entertainment Tonight’, News Crew can turn up to an event with an industry standard camera with lights and a fabulous blonde all American host ‘Stephanie’. Stephanie will interview guests arriving on the red carpet and the crew can also roam around the room during pre-dinner drinks.

The act is based on comedy so your host Stephanie will charm all the girls and all the boys with her flirtatious, adorable, flamboyant and (sometimes) outrageous behaviour! Even though the camera is just for display purposes guests will be enthralled and believe that this indeed is a real film Crew from New York who cover the most prestigious events in Sydney.

Stephanie can ask guests about their fabulous outfits, the work they do, who’s who at the party, their expectations for the night and she can also ask them to dance! This of course will be captured by the cameraman who will dance around with them to get the best shot! Stephanie has been known to do outrageous things for her ‘TV show” such as dance on stage with bands, steal food from waiters (whilst flirting and interviewing them of course) swagger and swoon around guests to get the ‘perfect shot’.

News Crew can provoke some amazing responses from people as even the most shy of patrons will joke and ham it up for the camera. We’ve seen CEO’s don hats and impersonate movie characters, others have danced the tango with Stephanie and even asked for her hand in marriage! There is also the option of using Stephanie for a live feed to an internal video screen within your event. You may use such video, for example, on your company website! Or you could just get someone to follow us with their handy cam as this is also very effective; there is no extra charge for this.

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