Action Kids Slime Time Show is Family Fun at it's best! Voted best International act in Mumbai India 2007!

South Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
 "Winner of International Act of the year"    -  India

"...was amazed at the large crowds your shows pulled in... very happy... great for families!"
        - Claire Lam Pham - Marketing Manager Centro Shopping Centre Sunshine
“By far the best show we have every had”
        -Kids Fest Festival

Ka Pow! "Action Replay: The Ultimate Gameshow" is a fast paced, action packed family game stage show that is more than just entertainment - it's an experience GUARANTEED to get everyone excited!
Get involved as your two groovy hosts, Jake and Chloe take you on a wicked journey into the Action Replay world. The whole audience partakes in a show of jam packed fun and exhilaration, with games such as: 
  • The Banging Baboon Balloon Challenge
  •  The Mastermind Goofy Quiz
  •  The Garbage Monsters Race
  •  Pick Your Face
  •  Winner Letter Puzzle
  •  Alien Hunters Pod Basketball
  •  Crazy Clowns Silly Hats
  • The Ultimate Jigsaw Race
  •  Gross Zone Sliming
  •  and much more!   

Or adults and corporae game version avaialble- THe best corporate event around-great team building.




The Show starts with Jake and Chloe and their abundance of energy as they divide the whole audience of all ages into 2 teams - Red and Blue. Each color is given a fun and exhilarating team cheer that they are to yell out whenever they want to support their team. Now that the teams are established and the audience is eager for their colored team to come out the Ultimate Action Kids Winners, we are ready for the real fun. Throughout several humorous and exciting challenges that Jake and Chloe put the audience through, 2 contestants, 1 from each of Red and Blue teams are chosen to come on stage (the player zone) and participate in the first game. This is done 4 times in the show with 4 different games.

After their nonstop fun and laughter on stage all of our contestants are rewarded with a wicked prize!

At the end, Jake and Chloe tally up the scores to find out which team, Red, Yellow or Blue is the Ultimate Winners! This show is more than just games and fun, it's an event. Guaranteed to get the whole audience having a great time and involved like no other.



The "Action Replay Game Show" comes complete with an incredible HUGE bright set

(its inflatable and measures 4.3 long by 2.8 Meters High, a minimum of 2.5 meters in front of the entire length is required to perform the show)

, exciting props, a wicked soundtrack, technician and all required sound equipment, two groovy hosts, and a whole lot of FUN!

We can also provide full theatrical stage lighting and effects should you require. The ACTION GAME ZONE professional staff will ensure that "Action Replay Show" from booking to bump-out is an enjoyable experience for all involved.


Adults only version is also available for corporate events and functions


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Suitable for malls, shopping centres, motels, large indoor/outdoor events, festivals etc.

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