Stalio, the great Greek Lover has as much ego and spunk as he has a big Greek stomach and hairy chest.

He naturally believes he is God's gift to all women and uses a mixture of various comic one liners to woo and sweep all women off their feet.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

He claims to be a Greek gigolo from Athens, but can't see past his own bloated stomach to justify it. Stalio is like a Greek mafia man in his grey business suit, gold jewellery, silk shirt, Elvis style hairdo and dark sunglasses.

Introduced by `That's Amora' by Dean Martin, he takes his time to sing and waltz with which ever woman he has in his arms at the time.

A laugh a minute stud, who's more like a dud but a lot more fun than a stick in the mud.

History of bookings include: private celebrations, corporate functions and dinners, waiting at restaurants, ice breaker board meetings, night clubs, wedding receptions, stand-up spots and commercial spruiking.

Perfect character for TV appearances, voice overs, theatre restaurants, bus and boat tours..


 Mark Theodossiou is a stand-up comedian, lyricist, motivational speaker, street theatre, stage actor and presenter.

He has a thoroughly professional approach to his work and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his clients are satisfied.

Having discovered his passion for acting at the age of six, Mark has a wealth of theatrical experience as well as an array of colourful characters to amuse and delight audience of all ages.

A fun-loving, comical and versatile performer.


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