The Chunkie Bits open up a whole new world to both the performer and audience alike.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Chunkie Bits are unlike any other life sized puppet character in the world.  Made from Hi Tech Materials, they have the unique ability of being able to mutate into different animated forms in the blink of an eye.
With the temperament of a Labrador puppy dog, they are inquisitive, naughty, playful and always hungry.  They Dance, they Sing and they are very, very funny.  When the CHUNKIE BITS get together to do a show, they all try to up-stage, out-star, out-dance and out-sing each other.
The Chunkie Bits open up a whole new world to both the performer and audience alike.
Walk Around and Stage performances a large range of events.
Caterpillars can fly 
A 60 minute 'in theatre' production
Entertaining and Educational.

The story of a little girl who is fascinated by Butterflies.  She discovers that they go through incredible changes during their life cycle.  There are a lot of interesting characters who help her along the way.
Full of catchy songs, dance, magic, fun and a dream sequence that will leave one wanting more.
The outrageous Mr 'C' for Caterpillar, who rides around on a very off beat mushroom, is our guide through the story.
The Amazing Mullumbimbi Magical Marching Mushrooms.  One moment they are mushrooms, the next moment they mutate into the wierdest creatures.  The Black Widow Spider, Black Crow and a band of singing, dancing Cockroaches warn us of some of the dangers in nature.

Bits of Panto          
The 30 minute promotional performance for 'Caterpillars Can Fly!.

Can be booked independently of the full version.


Mr 'C' for Caterpillar, his mushroom Mr Funguy and the Amazing Mullumbimbi Magical Marching Mushrooms.
Betty Chunk, Mumma Chunk  and other characters from their pantomime make guest appearances.  Lots of fun songs, dance and audience participation.

A great piece of family entertainment.

Walk Around 
They have entertained and eaten children, adults and dignitaries all around the world.

Completely mobile, they dance, sing and play with people.  Curious like a kitten, silly as a Labrador puppy dog, the Chunkie Bits are able to change their shape in the blink of an eye.  They are entrancing and very very naughty.  When they walk around, they will stop every now and then to do their crazy little show.
Great for the family, but beware, a Chunkie Bit is always hungry.....
NUMBERS- Minimum 3 Characters 1 Minder (4 personnel) - Maximum Project Specific
(Up to 14 costumes available)
Lock your children up because the Chunkie Bits are coming!
NUMBERS - Four - Six
SUIT - Festivals, Street, Corporate, Parks, Shopping Malls

Da Mob
In tuxedos and evening wear, Dr Feelgood Frank, his gal, Sizzling Celeste and BIG Al , their body-guard, are somewhere between the bootleg period and James Brown.
They will never be successful gangsters, but it's a lot of fun trying...
SUIT - Festivals, Street, Corporate, Parks, Shopping Malls

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