Muscle Bound is a Traditional male hand-to-hand acrobatic routine displaying all the great attributes of power, control and graceful strength.

Collingwood, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Muscle Bound is presented to you by Shannon McGurgan and Farhad Ahadi. It is a traditional style male duo hand-to-hand performance the likes of which you would only see in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. With a wealth of international experience and a commitment to quality these two performers extend beyond the edge of what you might deem possible thereby earning themselves the title of true circus performers Shannon McGurgan Beginning his performance life as a gymnast, Shannon McGurgan has moved through a huge range of circus skills during the twelve years he has been performing.

These skills include double and solo trapeze, hand to hand acrobatics, solo and double straps, fire manipulation, Chinese poles and clowning. He has performed all over Australia including shows with The Robinson’s Family Circus in Perth and Canberra, 12 months on tour with Circus Royal in 2006, Shows as part of The Melbourne Festival, The Adelaide Fringe and The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as well as corporate shows in both Sydney and Melbourne. Internationally he has performed in The USA, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and China. Shannon has 3 current shows that are all widely diverse and entertaining. “The Strongman Show” is an acrobatic comedy duet with a 10 minute stage act and plenty of material to roam around with. “Muscle Bound” has audiences amazed by an intensely powerful acro duo of raw strength. “The Perfect Wonders” acrobatic act involves three unusual statutes who move slowly into breath taking positions.

Farhard Ahadi Farhad Ahadi gymnastics between 1988 and 1992 and was one of the top ten gymnasts in his home country of Iran. After this he spent two years transferring his skills from that of a trained elite gymnast into a refined circus performer. In 1994 he took up with a band of acrobats and toured around Iran for several years dabbling in skills such as juggling, pyramids, high wire, acrobatic tumbling and handstands but the skill he really shone at was his amazing hand to hand balance act. It was with this act that he performed in Taiwan at various venues and theme parks for two years. He was then offered a contract in Australia with one of Australia’s premier travelling circus’ Silvers Circus, which he completed at the end of 2006.

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