CRYSTAL THE CLOWN is a really entertaining clown loved by all children.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


CRYSTAL THE CLOWN is a really entertaining clown loved by all children.At markets and fairs where Crystal often works, the children follow her around like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Crystal is Melbourne Based and the duration of her performance is about one hour.

Crystal the Clown starts her show with a spellbinding introduction about what it is like to live in Princess Candy's Magic Chocolate Castle and talks about some of the many friends she has at the Castle. She performs three or four magic tricks that blend with the storyline. Crystal gives out prizes to the people who help her. If the celebration is a birthday party she would normally ask the birthday child to help her first. She plays a popular derivation of Pass the Parcel called 'pass the horn' where each child receives a lollypop (if allowed) and the winner receives a prize (normally the birthday child will win - a bit of cheating going on there!!<grin>) Then she plays a memory competition with items from the Chocolate Castle.

Crystal has amusing props, funny wands and other items. She gives out prizes to the winners once again. If there are 10 or less children at the party, each child will receive a prize at some time throughout the show but if there are more then only some of the children will receive a prize. At some parties, other games may be played. Crystal is quite flexible with the games and sometimes the plan needs to be changed to suit the age or mix of the children. If there are 15 children or less, Crystal sculpts balloon animals for each child. She can also perform face painting but the choice of activity is subject to prior arrangement when the booking is made for Crystal. After a Crystal the clown party, everyone goes home with smiling, happy faces and a colouring sheet.

























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