Flair Bartenders
Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Victoria
Country: Australia

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The Flair Bartenders show lasts around 6 minutes and is the highlight of the event they are presenting at. They perform to music and perform their skills with exuberant personalities. The presentation consists of


  • twirling of bottles and glasses 
  • Pyramid stacking  
  • Flaming Bar, where the bar is set alight. Really Hot Hot Hot!  

And more, being  safe and very magical.


Our Flair Bartenders have performed Internationally and in Australia.


The professional service amazes and entertains people from all over the world.


We can present a list of cocktails that the bartenders can offer you to choose from.


We have a selection of bartenders from all over the world. Entertaining your guests with outstanding presentation together with great service. One of the many bartenders we have is Sam Cameron form Australia


Sam Cameron


Flair Bartender Extraordinaire


Sam Cameron or more affectionately known as Cool McCool, is one of the Hospitality newest-groomed exports.  He has been trained and is experienced for all levels of bar consultancy, for Flair Training to Flair Cocktail Shows.  Sam is now moving up in his young professional Bartending career, winning competitions with Flair Bartending excellence.


Sam is charismatic and has been known to ‘charm the pants off’ even the most discerning of guests. He is an extremely good flair bartender that enrolls the customers with his exceptional people skills. He has worked in established quality venues such as


  • Next Blue  
  • Fabrik  
  • TGI Friday  

And also performed at many functions at

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