unreal Donald Trump Makes Events Great Again. Corporate comedy to rally your audience. Tailored for you. Clever, clean, comedy. Memorable. Live and video. Keynote, event, conference opener, closer.

Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Make A Meeting Great Again!

Or a Conference

Or Exhibition

Or Launch


Play this corporate card and Trump them all with a Joker.

Unreal Donald Trump says ‘You’re fired… up!’

With enthusiasm

With motivation

With laughter.


Hot. Topical. Front of mind.

Business, Politics or Life

Even your VIP guests will feel like an apprentice when they are in the presence of

unreal Donald Trump!

'Unreal Donald Trump' is a professional speaker and comedy writer for live and TV for over 25 years, with many testimonials from clients in industries including pharmaceuticals, IT, engineering, finance, motoring, mining, insurance, education, arts, medicine, politics, tourism, small business, agriculture, etc. These are available on request.

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