Belly dancer, belly dance teacher, choreographer and producer of Middle Eastern performances.

East Bentleigh, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Ayelet Ashkar is a belly dancer, belly dance teacher, choreographer and producer of Middle Eastern performances. Ayelet was born in Haifa, Israel, a city that fosters life of co-existence between Arabs and Jews.

Ayelet started her dance training in 1997, in “The Centre for Expression through Middle Eastern Dance”, under the tuition of Miri Alon, one of the pioneers of the Middle Eastern dance in Israel. Ayelet studied Art at Haifa University, took numerous movement and drama workshops and acted at the Haifa Theatre.

Ayelet’s involvement in the Middle Eastern dance scene has made her to the top belly dancers in the country and she has taken part in dance shows at the major venues in Israel, such as “A garden of Roses”, a Middle Eastern dance show at The Centre of Performing Arts Susan Dalal in Tel Aviv, and “Sheherezada”, a Middle Eastern dance show combined with theatrical expression at Beit Aba Hushi in Haifa.

Ayelet has also played an active role in many Jewish-Arab festivals and events in Haifa. Together with her husband, Yuval Ashkar, the Middle Eastern music player and composer, she has produced and created choreographies for various Jewish-Arab productions.

Since arriving in Australia in 2003, Ayelet has become famous for “story teller” style of belly dance. Ayelet was involved in festivals in NSW and QLD as a performer and a workshop teacher, including the Woodford Folk Festival, The Global Carnival and the Multicultural Festival in Brisbane. Ayelet has been invited to perform at special events for the Brisbane Ethnic Music and Arts Centre (BEMAC), at the Spigeltent and for art councils throughout NSW.

Ayelet is the producer of the belly dance shows “Arabian nights”, “Eastern winds” and “1001 Arabian nights”, which have been successful in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. Through her dance, Ayelet takes the audience on a journey around the Middle East. Her expressions, earthy movements and stories have created a magical dance, using a variety of dancing styles from all around the Middle East. Ayelet dances women stories with her body language and the theatrical stage set. Every woman feels emotionally moved by her dancing, her facial expressions and her kindness when she performs.

As a teacher, Ayelet has taught Middle Eastern dance, drama and creative movement at a special education school and in projects for under-privileged girls for Jewish and Arab sectors in Haifa. In Australia, Ayelet’s teaching focus is on women and disabled groups.

In her belly dance classes, she teaches Middle Eastern body language, “Baladi” Egyptian movements with the help of imagination, sound and awareness to breathing through Middle Eastern rhythms. For Ayelet, the Middle Eastern belly dance, combining ancient tradition and the rhythm of our modern life, creates within us an interaction of the internal womanhood, expressing different sides of her daily life and turning women into the sensual loving and loved beings.

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