A hip hop/party dance crew, mixing dancing, djing and Mc'ing to create a high energy show and party anywhere we go.

Beenleigh, Brisbane/Gold coast , QLD, Australia

DO YOU NEED THE BEST ENTERTAINMEMT AUSTRALIA CAN OFFER!! the four young dancers from Brisbane/Gold Coast, Divine Our Destiny also known as D.O.D. Crew have been climbing up in Australian entertainment, starting by performing at local events, to performing in nightclubs and big events such as schoolies, also supporting acts like Redfoo, Justice crew, Joel Fletcher and will sparks.

Divine Our Destiny are also accompanying Neon Run on the Australian Tour as the main dance crew travelling to places like Melbourne, Gold coast, Brisbane , Adelaide, Sydney and Perth in front of crowds of up to 10,000 people. They have been titled as some of Australia's top 11 under 18 dancers and have appeared in many TV appearances such as channel 7 and the project.They do their best to travel to almost anywhere for a performance Divine Our Destiny always hold upmost proffessionalism anywhere they are to maintain the friendly vibe to their ever growing fan base, always attending to requests of fans as this is the most important priority to them along with providing the best and most entertaining show any event can have.

This young dance crew can perform at any event big, small or proffessional, getting the crowd hyped and involved, turning your event into a party.


Kaitai Adonis McDonald

Half Maori Half Australian, and one of the founders of D.O.D. Crew, Kaitai (K-eye-T-eye) the self taught dancer, dancing for 5 years and teaching for 4, grew up in the small town of Biloela starting dancing at 13 years old from watching movies such as Step Up and seeing Justice Crew on Australia's got talent, he was inspired to start dancing. It was first just a hobby but then he found himself teaching classes, performing around Australia and appearing in tv interviews for his accomplishments. He then went on to be in Jr Justice crew finals Dancing with his idols and being ranked as one of the top 11 dancers in Ausrtalia. Also in his early stages of dancing he was titled best shuffler in australia in 2012, then dancing on the show hot 30 countdown and recieving $1000, he then later went on to find himself performing with Redfoo in 2014 when he called the dance crew up on stage. "The way we started the crew was me and Raffro as founders grew up together also learning to dance we went to jr justice crew finals together and performed everywhere. I later moved to Brisbane in 2014 then meeting Justice and Keithyn and we all instantly bonded from our love of dance." His styles include Break dance, hip hop, flipping, freestyle dance (popping, waving etc). He now is becoming a successful choreographer teaching at rising start dance academy, PCYC Beenleigh (formerly in Biloela) and is choreographing for multiple crews and schools. These attributes have lead to Kaitai being one of the main choreographers for the crew, Representing the crew as the MC during shows and excecuting most stunts performed in the routines and shows.

Zac Baldwin (Raffro)

As a founder of the crew the recognizable guy with a red afro (Raffro) who grew up in a small country town however that didn't stop him from becoming the entertainer he is today. His first big achievment was the auditions for jr justice crew, although he didn't make the top 7 he was ranked within the top 11 in Australia, along with teaching at the local PCYC he started small performances at local events and charities, he has now started an Australian tour with his crew and is motivated to keep his dream alive. 

Justice Burow

A young dancer who grew up in Beenleigh/ Brisbane. He has only been properly dancing for 7 to 8 months but is extremely talented for  the short time period of his dancing career. He was taught by his crew leader and best friend Kaitai McDonald, his styles include popping and locking, waving, hiphop and currently practising  breakdance. He has preformed in various of performances such as; RedFoo, touring Australia with NEON RUN 2015, competitions, concerts, charity events, parades, discos and other small events. He is friendly, charming and gets alone with everyone. He practises everyday and try's to become the best dancer to his abilitiy.

Keithyn Ritete

A self taught hip-hop dancer, but has had experience in other dance styles such as Jazz and Contemporary/lyrical. He had loved dancing from a very young age and would love to take it even further as it is his dream. He has performed at many different competitions, charities, parades, concerts, and shows, including performing with Red Foo and touring with Neon Run 2015, as part of the entertainment. He gets along with almost everyone he meets and does everything to his best ability. 


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