Family Friendly Comedy Stage Hypnosis for Corporates, Clubs and Cabarets, for Fund Raisers and for Parties of all kinds.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Gerard V does a unique and hilarious, clean comedy hypnotism show.

He gives you a show with:

·         Family friendly material suitable for corporate functions, schools and all kinds of clubs and audiences

·         Energey: and it might get loud. Dreamy new-age hypnotic tunes are a thing of the past, the show and the music are up-beat, energetic and happy.

·         Original and uniquely funny gags, Gerard V often uses ideas from the audience for gags and skits, there is usually no script.

·         Volunteers only:  no-one is picked on and no tricks to get people on stage.

·         No clichés: no watches, no chicken gags, no spirals and no “penetrating gaze”, Gerard V is open and friendly with the volunteers, and avoids all hypnotism clichés.

Gerard and his team present a clean, sophisticated show with a touch of class, suitable for corporate entertainment, cabarets, and up market fund raising events.

Here's where some people have said about Gerard V:

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic night on Saturday, the show was hilarious and perfectly matched the mood of the night. I have been in-undated this morning with emails from my work colleagues who all agree that Saturday’s party ‘was the best ever’. Jonathan Hay - Hudson

You have become a local legend in Taihape. Everyone is raving about your show and I’ve been bombarded with text messages asking for another show to be organised. One person even suggested a show every 2 months!! The show was fantastic, very professional and so hilarious. You far exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for a thoroughly entertaining evening. Jo Hobbs – Taihape Gymnastics

Gerard's full name is Gerard Verschuren. He was born in New Zealand, and currently lives in Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

1.       How will you choose who to hypnotise? Gerard V will ask for volunteers, no-one is selected in advance or hypnotised before they choose for themselves to come up on stage.

2.       Will I be embarrassed? Gerard V works hard to avoid embarrassing anyone, and will keep it clean. You will not do anything you would not show your parents or your children.

3.       Can anyone be hypnotised? Anyone who is willing to be hypnotised can be; they need to be willing, focused and relaxed. Someone who resists will not go under, and if you’re going to resist then it is better simply not to come up on stage at all.

4.       How long is a show? 90 minutes is good, though we can go down to 45 minutes, or up to 2 hours. Sometimes we go longer because everyone is having such a great time. But as Gerard V has Dutch parents, he is seemingly genetically programmed to finish bang on time if you need him to.

5.       What equipment do you need? We need good sound and good light – sometimes we can arrange this and sometimes we need you to provide it (especially if we have to travel far).

6.       How big should the stage be? Our ideal is to have 10 – 20% of the audience volunteer, up to about 40 people. So we prefer a stage where we can have that many chairs, say for a show with 150 people – 15 chairs would be our preferred minimum, and the people need to be able to move around with the chairs on stage. Often we simply extend the “stage” by placing chairs on the floor at the sides or a row in front. For very large events we do need a large stage so that everyone can see and we don’t like refusing volunteers.

7.       Do you sell non-smoking CDs and such at your show? No – they mostly don’t work and Gerard V is purely there to entertain.

8.       Can we video your show? Go ahead and use your handycam or cellphone. Just no flash cameras or video lights please, they can be distracting. If you want a more professional video we should discuss it first.

9.       Why don’t you do chicken gags? We think they are unoriginal and obvious, we like to find new ideas and new ways of expressing classic gags. The show changes all the time.

10.   We are having a wedding or 21st, can you pick out the groom or birthday boy for special treatment? We love doing parties, but no, we won’t pick on anyone. If they are willing and want to volunteer that must be their choice.

11.   Do you do theme shows? Yes we love theme shows and tailor the gags to the theme.

12.   Do you discount your show for fundraisers? Yes.

Gerard Is available for bookings anywhere.

Inquire now, you will be glad that you did.

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