Adam Dean
International Magician, Illusionist and Comedian
Let Australia's premiere comedy magic act entertain you!

Sydney, Australia Wide, NSW, Australia

Adam Dean is a magician illusionist and comedian.

Performing both on land and water internationally, Adam Dean has showcased in conjunction with some of the best magicians and comedians in the world.

With 12 years experience as a performer, Adam Dean is not a typical rabbit out of hat magician. He stays at the cutting edge of modern technology and magical effects to ensure his show is new and exciting to every audience.  Adam Dean displays a vibrant youthful image on stage that creates wonder and amazement to those that experience his performances.


Blending comedy, magic and illusion spiced up with glamorous show assistants, Adam Dean has a very unique style.

Notaries such as Juan Antonio Samaranch (Former International Olympic Committee President) and John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia) have experienced the wonder of Adam Dean as the entertainer at their corporate events.

Adam Dean believes that the art of entertainment revolves around tapping into peoples emotions and appealing to their sense of humour.  The combination of the fear factor, when sawing a woman in half or chopping a mans head off in the French guillotine and making people laugh as he tries to teach magic to one of the ladies from the crowd are pivotal to his performances.  Along with the fear factor and laughter the wow and amazement of the production and vanishing of live doves ensures audiences are spellbound every night!

Adam Dean's biggest show to date is 40,000 on Australia Day 2002. His smallest has been an intimate dinner for two. Tailoring his show to your requirements, audience size and demographic poses no obstacle.

Whether performing close up in a walk around situation or on the big stage Adam Dean’s showmanship is Simply Magical!

Show Options

Comedy Magic Show
When you sit in the audience of Adam Dean's comedy magic show, you will experience side splitting Comedy with a blend of world-class magic.  People love to laugh as well as be amazed. This show suits all audiences from all backgrounds. This is by far Adam Dean's most sort after show as it is the performance that has toured the world.

Close Up Magic
An intimate style of entertainment. Adam Dean walks through the audience either table to table  or group to group displaying various sleight of hand skills.  Very much a blend of comedy and magic. This style is perfect for meet and greet as your guests arrive.  Cocktail functions provide the perfect setting for this style also!

Illusion Showcase
As well as the comedy magic add the art of illusion.
Effects such as the production of live doves, sawing an audience member in half, French guillotine with an audience member in the stocks or an escape out of hand cuffs and chains. 

Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Adam Dean as a professional speaker can either use comedy based or formal compare skills to provide the right direction and focus to make your event run smoothly from start to finish!

Product Launches
Do you have a new product or service that requires a spectacular launch?
Adam Dean can provide a show that is custom built revolving a

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