MarkMyWords provides dynamic team building concepts tailor made to suit your specific needs.

MILTON, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Who is MarkMyWords?

MarkMyWords was established by actor Mark Theodossiou and his team of experienced performers.

What is MarkMyWords?

We are a fun and dynamic team building act, using creative, fast paced and energetic activities to inspire self expression, increase moral and ultimately producing better productivity for your organisation.

How does MarkMyWords work?

Refreshingly entertaining, MarkMyWords firstly tailor makes your team building experience by identifying your specific needs. We then match and adapt exciting activities specifically made to suit those needs. These activities are engaging, challenging and resourceful to help your staff to have fun, enjoy the experience while building important bonds to help them feel good about their role within your business.

Why is MarkMyWords important?

When your staff look and feel good, usually so too, do your clients.

Where does MarkMyWords perform?

We perform anywhere, any venue at any time abiding it's a safe and positive environment for self and group expression.

How long does MarkMyWords perform for?

Usually for 45min straight, however call times can change to suit.

When is the best time for MarkMyWords to perform?

We can do breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, week days and weekends.

Perfect for:

* Corporate functions, events and celebrations.

* Specific team building sessions.

* Fun role play.

* Ice breakers.

* Murder mysteries and tours.

We specialize in:

* Theatre Sports and high energy activities.

* Applied theatre: (Educational theatre aimed to raise awareness).

* Forum theatre: (Educational theatre, as illustrated by your staff).

* Dramatic sketches, improvisation and interesting scenarios.

Additional Categories:

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