Architectural Blended Fresco
you cant help but look

West End, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Sublime,...we do wear a figleaf!

Did they move or were you just imagining Adagio dancing in the Street?Statues ... Lit and Profiled like the set of a surreal play or playing like a surreal set.All theatrically trained discipline for your  next function... Flawless,Flirty like the eyes in a Hitchcock Thriller.

Mime , Performance become  reignited

Noel has studied la Coq styles of Mime and Buffant and Studied the Suzuki method of Movement based Acting under International Choreographer Jacqui Carroll

Today, Noel Sheridan and his troupe' has broadened it's field  as Corporate Theatre,

His experience is your guarantee.

Ask Versace how good his statues are?


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