Chinese Dancers
Location: Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia
Country: Australia

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Inspired by the 'Water Sleeve' dancing from the Tang Dynasty (608 - 907AD), the sleeves of the costume are extended beyond the hands, flourished as part of the dance and to accentuate the movement of the arms.  

‘Sensational Stiltwalking’ has put this ancient and beautiful dance on stilts. Two stilt dancers perform a choreographed 'water sleeves' routine periodically throughout their 45 min roving appearance. This act is truly unique and would be a stunning addition to your multicultural event.

You may book these ‘Chinese Dancers’ as a duo, or singly.

These Beautiful Chinese Stilt Dancers can be performed at any event including corporate, private, festivals, public events, exhibitions and also internationally. Recently performing at City of Perth Chinese new year events, dancing with simple choreography were a delight, and a photo favorite.

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