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Royal Casino Events is a fun casino hire company based in Melbourne that specialises in corporate, private and fund raising casino themed events. We supply authentic casino sized gaming tables that include Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold em Poker and the Wheel of Fortune. We also provide customised funny money for each event as well as entertaining casino trained croupiers helping to create an outstanding fun casino atmosphere. or call 9347 6787

1. Where can I hold my Royal Casino Events Party?

Conventional locations:
Hotel function rooms, golf clubs, and convention centres are our most common venues for a Royal Casino Events Party. They offer large, well-lit spaces, ample parking for your guests and food and beverage services.

Unconventional locations:
How about a Sports stadium like one of the fine rooms at the Telstra Dome or MCG? Perhaps your own office building or warehouse?

Budget Conscious?:
Often your local church, town hall or local sports club has a hall you can rent. Even your own home can play host to a Royal Casino Events party.

2. How much space do I need?

We will work with you to determine exactly how much space will be required for the casino. It is all relative to the types of tables and the space you have to work with. Some spaces require some ingenuity and that’s where we come in. We visit the location of the upcoming party and advise you of the creative elements necessary for a successful event.

3. Are there any special requirements?

We are pretty flexible when it comes to locations and our equipment doesn’t require any special environments. Here are a couple of things to consider:

Space requirements
While most of our card game tables can fit almost anywhere, some of the bigger games like Roulette and Texas Hold’em Poker may require special placement. In most venues this is not a problem. We will work with you to make sure your available space is adequate for the equipment you plan to have.

Electrical requirements
Our table games do not require electrical power. DJ′s and Bands have their own electrical requirements. If you have purchased additional entertainment or décor as part of your casino event we will contact you with specific power requirements.

4. Can we have our casino party outdoors?

It depends…on the weather. Here in Melbourne it is always a good idea to have a "rain contingency plan". While our equipment is designed for indoor use, we can set up a casino "Under the Stars" or as a "Picnic in the Park," provided there is a plan in place to ensure safety in the event of rain. We have also regularly done events in professionally-erected commercial tents with sides to protect everyone and everything from the unexpected summer downpour.

5. What games should I have...and how many?

This depends on your party. How many guests will be attending? Is our casino the only entertainment? Is your event a fund-raiser or purely social? We will help you create the perfect event whether you opt for an existing package or you would like one designed specifically for you. Almost every event we do has at least four types of games: Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker and everybody’s favourite, the Wheel of Fortune.

6. How long should my party be?

You have us for up to three hours of actual casino time. However most entertainment events we do have the casino open for about 2½ hours to allow time for prize giveaways and any other planned entertainment. If needed, we can build additional gaming time into your event. If it′s a fund-raiser, you may want to have your casino open longer to maximize your patrons "donations" at the tables.

7. How do my guests start the gaming?

We will provide your guests with a starting bankroll of funny money. They then approach any dealer at any table and buy their chips just like they would in a real casino.

8. Can I customize the money?

Absolutely! Many of our clients have a great deal of fun coming up with unique slogans and pictures to put on their funny money. All you have to do is provide us with a high resolution image of what you would like on your funny money, eg. someone’s head, company logo, etc. We then work with a graphic designer and a professional printer to come up with the best result possible. This is all inclusive in your quote.

9. How much funny money should I give my guests?

That depends upon the type of event you’re holding. It’s best to work directly with us to plan all the details concerning the funny money amounts, prizes, raffle ticket exchange rates, etc.

10. What should I use for prizes?

Your guests can win only prizes - never cash. We recommend providing one or (preferably) several prizes for your guests to win. The type and value of the prizes is totally up to you and can run the gamut from "gag" gifts costing a couple of dollars up to fabulous holidays and merchandise. As a rule, keep the scale of your prizes in line with the type of event you are hosting. Guests don’t expect to receive elaborate or costly prizes at a birthday party, so you may not need to spend a lot there. However, a high-society black-tie fund-raiser hoping to raise a large amount for charity may call for prizes on a much grander scale.

11. We're doing this just for fun-Do I have to have prizes?

We always recommend providing prizes, if only to enhance the feeling of Winning Big! The prizes don’t have to be anything fancy...they can even be "gag" gifts if you like. The goal is to simulate the casino environment and the fun of winning – without losing your shirt.

12. Am I forgetting anything?

Relax! We make it easy for you! We will take you through the entire process step by step. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want - we like you to have as much input as you feel comfortable giving, but count on us to ask the proper questions to get the information we need to ensure you have a fabulous event.

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