Eliane Miles, Social Researcher, Trends Analyst and Demographer at McCrindle

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Eliane Miles is a social researcher, trends analyst and Director of Research at the internationally recognised McCrindle. As a data analyst she understands the power of big data to inform strategic direction. Managing research across multiple sectors and locations, she is well positioned to understand the mega trends transforming the workplace, household and consumer landscapes. Her expertise is in telling the story embedded in the data and communicating the insights in visual and practical ways.

From the key demographic transformations such as population growth and the ageing workforce to social trends such as changing household structures and emerging lifestyle expectations, from generational change to the impact of technology, Eliane delivers research based presentations dealing with the big global and national trends.

With academic qualifications in community engagement and postgraduate studies in international development and global health, Eliane brings robust, research-based content to her engaging presentations and consulting. As a social researcher, she has been interviewed on these topics on prominent television programs such as National Nine News and Today,  as well as on radio and in online media.  


1. A snapshot of 21st Century Australia

While the massive changes transforming society impact us all, leaders need to understand the trends, respond strategically and so shape the future. This session will outline the 4 big shifts redefining Australia from the ageing population and the changing demographics to the emerging social trends and technology impacts.

2. The health landscape of 2025

This session provides an environmental scan of the factors impacting on Australia’s health outlook, the global influences, and differences across communities. With post-graduate studies in public health and policy, Eliane brings not only a research-base to this trends forecast, but insights around policy and communications that can influence and empower the emerging generations to reshape the national health outlook.

3. Creating a culture of wellbeing

Our research shows that wellbeing is broader than just physical. It is the social, mental, relational and environmental elements that influence the outcome and these are all factors that employers of choice can shape. This practical session outlines the key elements of workplace wellbeing and how managers can shape the culture, lead their teams and transform their organisations to achieve better staff engagement, impact and wellbeing.

4. Bridging the gap – From Baby Boomers and Xers to Generations Y and Z

Today we are living through seismic generational changes and the resulting business impacts. In this session, Eliane will provide insights into the ever-young Baby Boomers, Gen X households and through to today’s emerging Generations Y and Z.

5. Communication that gets cut-through

From visualising reports to bringing data to life, this session highlights the importance of effective printed and digital communication. McCrindle are internationally regarded for their visual communications, from infographics and animated videos to geomapping and web-based story-telling, and as Research Director, Eliane manages these strategies and can effectively share the “how-to’s” and “never-ever’s”.

6. Engaging with an ageing population

In this session Eliane will provide a demographic look at our changing world and our ageing society and what it means for our future. The Baby Boomers are the largest and wealthiest cohorts in Australia, and just as they have reinvented each life stage, they are now

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