Tula Tzoras is an excellent MC and Spruiker, having spent countless hours on the microphone hosting events. Tula Tzoras is also an Author and Keynote Speaker.
Just look at all the amazing Testimonials!

Sydney, NSW, Australia

 Tula Tzoras has spent her adult life in the media and entertainment industry. She is an Experienced MC and Public Speaker speaking on subjects like The Truth About Acting, Obstacles to Inspiration and How to Conquer Stage Fright For Public Speaking.

Here is just one of many amazing testimonials, more on the Testimonial page of Tula's site: 

I would like to do a testimonial on Tula Tzoras as one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever met. I have two components to Tula that I need to advertise and unconditionally praise. The first is that Tula is the most pledged women that I can ever recommend to people for relying on professionally. When Tula Tzorastakes you on as a client you will have your career, personal life and goals transform to a platform that will elevate your desires professionally and personally. If you need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) or a speaker Tula Tzorasis incredibly experienced, dynamic and proficient celebrity that will lead any situation with her malleable talents.  I have attended Tula’s Inspirational Speeches that embrace overcoming obstacles.  I was able to take this information and apply it to my real life and as a result had incredible outcomes and a support line from Tula when required.  Tula is not only a master in training and speeches but ardent, enthusiastic and articulate.  All of her tools have been relevant and informative.  Kerry Billett  Makeup Artist and Stylist


Tula Tzoras is an Actor, TV Presenter, Author, Speaker and MC, with a successful career. Tula also brings her extensive corporate and Mind-set experience to the table. She is the Author of “The Secret of Your Success as an Actor” and “The Truth About Acting”. She has also been a regular contributor to True Natural Health and Leaders in Heels Magazines.

The topics published include Visualization, Inspiration, Tips for Happiness, Heaven or Hell, How to get the best out of Relationships, How to Conquer Stage Fright for Public Speaking, Breathing, Anxiety and the list goes on. Her articles on Relationships and Public Speaking were constantly re-tweeted, even by Toastmasters.

Tula has spent countless hours on the microphone hosting events, bringing her bubbly, enthusiastic personality and quick wit to your event. She has hosted every type of event, from weddings to fashion parades, launches, Expos, to trivia and shopping centre Promotions. Her Experience spans over her adult life.

“Thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm as our MC” Kylie Ann Mayer

Event Producer, Mayhem Corp for The Property Buyer Expo


“Tula is a flamboyant and fun character on stage, she gave a lot of energy when MC’ing our  “Hottest Hunk” finale.We also engaged her services for a Vox Pop segment at a large event at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. She was great!” Blush Creative

As a keynote Speaker, Tula has been dubbed The Inspiration Genie; she speaks on “The Truth About Acting”, “Obstacles to Inspiration” and “Conquering Stage Fright for Public Speakers”. These are 90-minute keynote presentations, suitable for Breakfast, Lunch or dinner events.  These are Tula’s signature Speeches; she does however cater to your company’s requirements with her multi dimensional knowledge. Tula also coaches actors and non actors one on one or groups.

Tula also facilitates 2 day workshops helping participants find their unique voice and all the tools needed to provide a speech or presentation. Her unique experience allows Tula to provide tools from her performance, corporate, energetic and mind-set knowledge.

If you are looking for energy, passion and a commitment to helping others to be all they can be, then Tula Tzoras is the perfect fit.

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