Hatsical - A Children's Puppet Musical
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Hatsical is a 30 minute one act musical comedy for preschoolers.  With puppets, live musician, and our vivacious host Lessie the characters are on a mission to work out what to do with a box of donated hats.  (Also available as a two act musical for theatre's and Clubs, either performed in it's own right or as a pre and post show support act).

YellowKat collects a large box of hats when she mistakenly thought Lessie requested more bats for cricket, not hats!  They find frog hats, tiara's, crowns, baby bonnets, witches hats and much more!  In a whirlwind musical adventure, they are off on flights of imaginative play creating characters and singing songs.  

The show is musically filled with original songs - 3 of which are listed in the top 6 for the ASA Children's Song of the Year 2016!  The music is played and sung live by the cast.

Songs include:

  • Ducks in the Garden
  • Jazz Hands and Music Feet
  • I found it!
  • Little Buzzy Bee
  • The Baby Said
  • Froggy
  • Witch in the Washing Machine
  • and
  • Hatsical!

Audience participation is encouraged and our cast freely interact with the audience during the show.

The audience also enjoys a meet and greet after the show with our host and one of the puppets.

Photography and video allowed.


About us - YellowKat Productions

 YellowKat has been perfecting the art of entertaining children with quality content since 2007.  We have gone from providing homegrown shows in our children's and friends preschools to presenting professional productions on stage.  We have a unique sound and look to our show, being musical theatre comedy style with characters that would be at home in any sit-com TV serial.  We are passionate performers, who love what we do and have so much fun entertaining children and parents alike! 

 We have performed at large and small venues, from preschool openings, shopping centres, large festivals and small street fairs, clubs, and private parties.

 Our music is original and involving. We have songs that we have been performing since 2007 that are still great hits on-stage plus new songs written all the time, some written for specific events or tours.  We have a large catalogue of over 40 songs we draw from for our live shows and online content.  We currently have four songs from our latest album shortlisted for ASA Children's Song of the Year 2016, and had nine songs from the same album in the top 20 for The Song Comp 2016 Children's song category.

 Our gang of 6 professional puppets have been made by the makers of the Lion King puppets and work brilliantly on stage.

 YellowKat( A Cat!)

YellowKat is our endearing hero. She is friendly and excited about everything, especially when she is learning something new. She is always willing to help and loves others no matter how different they are. 

 Penelope(A Girl Puppet)

Penelope seems to be very, very sure of herself, and is always quite willing to tell others how things are done. She loves to be the centre of attention and assumes that everyone is as keen to hear what she has to say, as she is to tell it.  She is very bright for her age (5 and a half!) and is very precise – she likes everything to be just so.

 Stephen(A walk around dragon)

Stephen comes from a long line of important, scary and successful dragons. He, however, is not scary or successful by dragon standards. He often feels out of place. He doesn’t fit in with his dragon siblings - his wings are too small, his roar is not so mighty, and his lisp makes him less than intimidating. Even the gold that he obsessively collects is...well...let’s just say that it’s not worth very much!

 Wishez & Prezence(monkey puppets)

Cheeky and fun loving cousins who are just clever enough to get themselves into all sorts of trouble!


Our team of puppeteers, scriptwriters, actors, singers and musicians are focused on providing the best quality music, characters, and scripts. Our main three team members are:

 Sonia Hardie- Producer / Puppeteer – YellowKat.

Sonia is the original creator of YellowKat. Co-writing all of the music and scripts, she has had great success with songs being listed in the top 10 of the ASA Awards and The Song Comp. Touring on stage and directing shows with YellowKat since 2007.

 Anton Korytnyj - Musical Director / Pianist / Puppeteer – Whishez & Stephen

Coming from a musical family, Anton’s formative years were spent surrounded by musicians who indelibly stamped music upon his soul. In the early years of his career, Anton received a high distinction for the Australian Musical Associate Diploma (A.Mus.A) whilst working with many great Australian artists such as Human Nature.

 Celeste Notley-Smith- Co-writer / Host / Puppeteer – Penelope and Prezence

Celeste is an experienced performer and director who has been with YellowKat as the host for 5 years. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/ Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies), and a Certificate IV in Musical Theatre.Lessie and YellowKat are faced with a large box of hats that have been donated to their kids club - The Meowalot Kids Club. They sing and dance their way through sorting all the hats, to discover they have a not only a great collection of dress-up hats, but a wonderful selection of characters they can play.

Performed in live action, with professional puppets and amazing musician, Hatsical is sure to please families at your event. The original Music from Hatsical has 4 songs short-listed in the top 30 ASA Children's song of the year 2016 and nine songs in the top 20 of The Song Comp Children's song category.

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