Jammin' Session Workshops
Location: Mobile Service, Perth
Country: Australia

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Grab a guitar, drumsticks or even a microphone and have a go at playing your favourite music - we'll show you how to play without having to read one note of music!

With volume controlled headphones on all equipment you can play to your heart’s content without having to worry about performance shyness.

The jamming session at the end is designed to bring out the natural performer in all of us in a way that is nothing short of a blast.....Designed with complete beginners and non-musicians in mind!

Our parties are tailored to suit age, gender and music interests of each request, making every party totally unique. Recommended time would be 2hrs but we can make arrangements for parties that are shorter or longer – we can organise a specific activity for the duration of the party or if you prefer, you can run the show and we will assist where needed (this is usually required when the request involves the equipment set-up that has free access to party attendees for several hours).


“Highly energetic, highly motivational and highly enjoyable! ‘Grab the M.I.C’ delivered on its promise to engage our children in a fantastic music experience. Access to musical instruments has never been so well managed, creative and we look forward to welcoming ‘Grab the MIC’ back for more sessions.” (School Teacher, 2009)

“We had an awesome incursion!! The students had a ball and loved every minute of their music experience...it was truly inspirational!!! LOVE YOUR WORK” (School Teacher, 2009)

“GTM was so cool, it was so fun. If I could rate it out of 100 I would rate it 100. My favourite thing was the drums, that was so cool. I also liked Jam Session. It was fun how we could do whatever we liked while Jam was on. I just think it should be a bit longer other than that, it was awesome.” (11yr old party girl, 2010)

"Grab the MIC was really fun because you got to have a go at everything & not have to worry about doing the instruments right. It's a good opportunity for kids who don't know where to start. I had a blast!" (13yr old party girl, 2010)

What we use:

Electronic drums, electric guitars, keyboards, African percussion kit, laptop for digital music creation, multimedia player, wigs & accessories box, PA system, microphones

Who we are:

A music educator and a trained dancer whose lucky job it is to make sure everyone has a fantastic and unforgettable time (always with police clearances and Working With Children Checks)

What you get to do:

Create a CD; learn to play proper drum rhythms; learn to play songs on the guitars and keyboards; learn cool dance moves; sing, play or dance to songs that you choose; have a DVD made of your performances to keep forever!

What you need:

A love of music!!!

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