Mermaid Aradia
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Mermaid Aradia is Melbourne's REAL swimming mermaid that is sure to make a splash at your next party or event. Aradia can swim in the ocean, tanks, pools, ponds and has been even known to flounder in fountains! Able to perform tricks and routines she creates the perfect centrepiece to a function or teach them to anyone that wants to jump in to learn.

When there is no water to be found, Aradia can also organise dry appearances for events/festivals, parties, photo opportunities, character interaction or a multitude of non-swimming activities such as ocean-themed crafts. Fear of drying out doesn't stop this mermaid!

Aradia's tail is sure to change the minds of the most hardened sceptics - able to move through the water at speed but also soft and scaled to the touch. You might think it was created by a movie-grade special effects artist out of realistic dragonskin silicone - but of course she was born with it.

Aradia's home is right here in Melbourne, Port Phillip Bay to be exact and loves to come on land to discover the human world and also to teach people about her amazing ocean home. She can run educational sessions on the ocean and specifically our local creatures - the bay is so fascinating but generally unknown! Dive in and contact us today to create waves at your next event - we can't wait to make a splash!

Previous clients include:

  • Frankston Waterfront Festival
  • Yarra Valley Spring Festival
  • Elemental Festival
  • Whitehorse Spring Festival
  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Seville Township Group
  • Eastland Shopping Centre
  • Cheeky Monkey Markets
  • Kalorama Chestnut Festival
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