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Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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To weave a magical web of mystery, intrigue and suspense is to experience 'Rosanna Maccarron' the magician, who with her true feminine elegance will captivate and mesmerize you into believing in the impossible.
Through her ability to fuse humour with magic, Rosanna is capable of transforming an audience of strangers into a medley of friends, awakening the inquisitive child within us all. Having emerged as one of the top female magician in Australia, Rosanna regularly entertains at both corporate and private functions and events.
Her performances have taken her to America, Taiwan and all over Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and the Whitsunday Islands. With this roving and stage experience, Rosanna exudes complete confidence with any audience.
As her portfolio demonstrates, Rosanna has recently toured the States and was asked to entertain the Singaporean Ambassador in New York City, the Senate in the Washington DC- Capital Building. She's performed in Vegas and five star restaurant "The Tower Restaurant" at Aspen-Snowmass (Colorado), beside American famous magician 'Doc Eason' in one of two American Bar Magic Venues as well as the Grand Canyon 'Bright Angle Lodge' restaurant.
In numerous Private and Corporate functions has discovered the value of Rosanna's remarkable talents to entertain and fascinate audiences. Rosanna's Style of magic and humour will thoroughly entertain your guests and guarantee your event is remembered long after it is over.
Colour Your World with Rainbow:
Rainbow really knows how to brighten an occasion!
This Clown/Magician is renowned for her comedy magic with heaps of fun and absolute silliness. Vibrant with colour and character, she adds that special ingredient ensuring the success of all types of events. Rainbow's cheeky charm and many talents delight children and adults alike.
Rainbow has an excellent magic show that takes children on a captivating journey they'll never forget. Children are delighted when Rainbow accidentally produces 'Merlin the Rabbit', a beautiful live white rabbit, from a magic trick gone drastically wrong. Her show is very unpredictable which will keep the audience glued to their seats.
Her magic show is extremely unique and will even dumbfound the most sceptical of audiences. Rainbow prides herself on audience participation. She ensures the interaction creatively involves her audience throughout the whole show. Apart from being heaps of fun, the show is dazzlingly visual as to appeal even to a non-English speaking audience as demonstrated on her resent 7-week tour of Taiwan. She can also perform close-up magic for adults and children as a roving entertainer.
Rainbow also has creative skills such as face painting to balloon modelling and storytelling. She is great at organising and conducting activities such as games, relay races, arts and craft. Also enquire about the 'The Rainbow Clowning Workshop' teaching and involving children in 'hands-on' learning techniques in developing clowning skills, costumes and make-up. It's fun for any age group.
Call now to discuss how Rainbow can help make your next project a success.
The Rainbow and Monty Show
The Rainbow and Monty show is a new exciting, unpredictable family spectacular. This duo is unlike anything seen before in Australia. The unique show has not just one magician but two. Both characters creating double the trouble. With an explosion of fun, magic and intrigues, this show has proven itself to be unforgettable.
Rainbow, a professional clown by name and by nature, is a brilliant children's entertainer who knows how to get the most from her audiences. Her magic will have you in stitches when things don't always go as they're planned. Thank goodness, with the help of her audience, she can always call on her friend 'Monnnnnty the Magical Dragon' to make things right.
Now this 7ft Dragon is definitely not your average dragon. Monty the Magical Dragon is cheeky and charming yet cute and cuddly all in one package. This clever Dragon will have his audience fascinated with his latest magic trick, which ends up with some interesting results. He will also have you mesmerised with his slight of hand magic and spell bound with his magic touch throughout the show.
The two visually beautiful characters creatively involve their audience ensuring they have an exceptional time throughout the show. It's heaps of fun. The show is a captivating magical masterpiece, which will have the children yelling and screaming for more. They will stun and amaze the audience long after the event is over.
It's brilliant fun. They are also available as roving characters performing close-up magic for festivals, Events, Corporate and Private performances. Call and book the duo for your next event or function now.
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