The Amazing Hazel Foot Juggling Act
Location: Richmond, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Hazel demonstrates her talent for balancing, tumbling and juggling objects with her feet including an astonishing five balls and even a Table! Incorporating her own unmistakable clown style to create a very unusual and visual act. This is one set of toes that will have your guests talking. foot juggling video

Since she can remember Hazel Bock has always loved being on stage. She has performed at countless festivals, celebrations and corporate events around Australia and across the globe. After graduating from the prestigious National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2003 she has worked with circuses including the internationally acclaimed Circus Oz, CIRCA, Circus Quirkus and her own company Circus Catharsis. Hazel specializes in Juggling and Foot Juggling.



“Hazel Bock, presents a rapid-fire nonsense language lecture while casually juggling poles and tables with her feet. It is both funny and breathtaking and she has a terrific sense of timing.” Hillary Crampton THE AGE 2003

"hightlight acts include... Hazel Bock’s dazzling , laughing ticklish foot juggling with balls, or a table (yes, a table), while draped backwards over a deck chair." Lynne Lancaster Sydney Arts Guide 2014

“wacky, French gibberish-speaking clown who juggles a table with her feet…awesome skill...” Kate Herbert,Herald-Sun, 2003

“You were the highlight of the night, outstanding!” special events coordinator, the Hilton Melbourne

"Hazel Bock's foot juggling is graceful and fun." Jason Blake sydney morning herald 2014
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