Champagne Glass Act by Star Stream Ent
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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The Champagne Glass Act is a glamorous mesmerising experience which showcases acrobatic expertise with an air of sheer opulence with riveting costume designs for the entertainer.

The Champagne Glass is clear in design and has been encrusted by hand with iridescent rhinestones.  This is not a burlesque act but a visual spectacular performance of beauty and grace where the glass is filled with feather and crystals coloured to suit each particular event.

A booking of either a lounging freestyle act or an especially choreographed routine may be requested.

The Champagne Glass Act is perfect for Hollywood, Gatsby, High Roller, Cabaret and James Bond themed events and is suitable for all ages.


Client to provide: Performance area, Production / PA (with Microphone), refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue

Summary Time Price

This quote includes a glamorours freestyle lounging performance in the beautiful giant champagne glass. The artust inside the champagne glass is a trained and skilled dancer model dressed in glamourous attire to suit your event. 

If you would like a choreographed routine performance or two please advise and quote will be adjusted to suit.

45 minutes on, 15 minutes off for a 2 hour period. Start From $895.00 Send Enquiry
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